Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Feedback on Saucony Pacemakers Network Run 2010

I'm happy to get feedback from runners on Pacemakers Network Run. Good or bad also need to accept wit open heart, cause we want to improve mah. Thanks ya!

Hi Ronnie,

Some half-cent feedback from me on the Pacemakers Run:

1. Overall good organisation of run from point of registration to end of event.

2. Special thanks to all volunteers and organising committee members.

3. Refreshments was adequate and got variety

4. Medal design was good.

5. Good quality T-shirt, can consider alternating between vest and T-shirt in future runs

6. Use of timing chip for better/easier timing

Could be improved:
1. To start on time. Understand some volunteers FFK, but like you said, the show must go on; and should be on time, all the time. Maybe have more flexible plan to cater for surprises in the future.

2. Inform the number of trophy positions upfront, so that runners within the trophy positions (not me, hehe) can pia if they want to, and not amkan later. Maybe was informed earlier, & I didn't notice.

Another thing is, I noticed from the latest statistic file, my position is behind Lai Jian Wen and Jian Hau in the "Position by off time". In actual fact, I crossed the line before them although the gun time was the same. Not sure this was because of worksheet sorting issue or other error. Paiseh, not make big difference here, but I pia so hard at the end to sayur them. Maybe it could determine a trophy position next time. hehe...



zishenqiyan said...

Hi CP,

Apologize for the statistic file issue. The Excel sheet was done by me. Yes, that position error is a sorting issue. The time resolution is up to second only, I didn’t account for that. I will fix it and post up a new one for you!

Zi Shen

blaze said...

Hi Zi Shen,

No worries. Not make big difference to overall position anyway. Just feedback so that it will not happen to other runners in future runs.

Maybe can increase the time resolution. I think the timing system can do that. Just that there could be some trade-off. I am not sure.


Anonymous said...

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