Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Balance Pacesetters Run 2010 : Result

Cinya unbelievable, this is der 1st time I manage to beat Hayley Holle in my life! Woohoo!

But cinya pity to Phong Tong Lim from JB & Casey Lim from Genting, travel all der way to Kl end up empty hand. This is due to running der wrong route, both cover total of 40km plus, cinya scary nia! At least apologies lah.. DEW!

A Men Open
Bib: A0203 Time: 01:49:56 Name: Samuel Tarus Too
Bib: A0197 Time: 02:05:10 Name: Mark John Williams
Bib: A0201 Time: 02:05:23 Name: Richard Habeya
Bib: A0482 Time: 02:08:02 Name: Ning Wen Long
Bib: A0431 Time: 02:09:04 Name: Philip Kipruto Limo

B Men Veteran
Bib: B2012 Time: 02:04:22 Name: Ong Chin
Bib: B2148 Time: 02:06:23 Name: Manat Pakathong
Bib: B2266 Time: 02:08:08 Name: Frenz, Tobias
Bib: B2017 Time: 02:08:32 Name: Khor Ngee Leong
Bib: B2206 Time: 02:08:37 Name: Malachy McAllister

C Men Senior Veteran

Bib: C3070 Time: 02:22:31 Name: Mohamad Bin Omar
Bib: C3062 Time: 02:23:59 Name: Tan Wah Sing
Bib: C3178 Time: 02:25:20 Name: Md Yasan Rahmin
Bib: C3151 Time: 02:27:09 Name: Tang Chee Choon
Bib: C3138 Time: 02:29:03 Name: Woon Too Leng

D Women Open

Bib: D4113 Time: 02:12:09 Name: Chemweno Mary Yepchumba
Bib: D4020 Time: 02:18:49 Name: Peris Chepkech Poywo
Bib: D4131 Time: 02:22:07 Name: Amutha A/P Arumugam
Bib: D4016 Time: 02:23:35 Name: Julie Foreman
Bib: D4033 Time: 02:24:56 Name: Michele Tan Bee Kiang

E Women Veteran

Bib: E5012 Time: 02:18:58 Name: Hayley Holle
Bib: E5039 Time: 02:31:29 Name: Tan Lee Chin
Bib: E5032 Time: 02:34:24 Name: Julia Lim Lee Ching
Bib: E5070 Time: 02:34:28 Name: Yong Lai Chee
Bib: E5017 Time: 02:40:52 Name: Carmen Leong Ban Yeik

F Women Senior Veteran

Bib: F6028 Time: 02:34:50 Name: Juthamanee Prianunt
Bib: F6009 Time: 02:37:26 Name: Lian Bee Hoon
Bib: F6010 Time: 02:39:54 Name: Agnes Tee Yoke Loi
Bib: F6027 Time: 02:45:24 Name: Yasuko Hosotani
Bib: F6019 Time: 03:06:08 Name: Lucy Lim

G Men Open

Bib: G7488 Time: 01:07:10 Name: Charles Maina
Bib: G7530 Time: 01:07:11 Name: James Maregu
Bib: G7425 Time: 01:07:46 Name: Ruburn Kummar
Bib: G7092 Time: 01:15:00 Name: Mohd Azarizal b Aziz
Bib: G7315 Time: 01:20:27 Name: Lim Guo Hua, Alvin

H Women Open

Bib: H8195 Time: 01:35:06 Name: Naiyana Rakkhaphan
Bib: H8041 Time: 01:38:11 Name: Haslinda bt Dolah
Bib: H8128 Time: 01:43:45 Name: Seah Bee Lian
Bib: H8125 Time: 01:44:15 Name: Michelle Looi Mei Yan
Bib: H8037 Time: 01:46:01 Name: Sally Margaret Purser

J Men Open

Bib: J9316 Time: 42:43:86 Name: J Karthik
Bib: J9406 Time: 42:44:46 Name: M Thanasekaran
Bib: J9183 Time: 43:58:74 Name: Wong Jiunn Jye

K Women Open

Bib: K1232 Time: 55:22:36 Name: Cheah Meei Meei
Bib: K1150 Time: 57:54:15 Name: Wong Sue Ling
Bib: K1168 Time: 60:00:31 Name: Teo Chui Ping


Fabio said...

Organizer should apologies to Phong Tong Lim & Casey Lim!

Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it