Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cinya Disappointed

After I cross der finishing line for my amkan marathon. I was looking for cold water, 100 plus or Milo oso can lah. But to my disappointment, it all sapu habis clean clean by 21km and 7km runners. Gua oredi cinya thirsty like kok, I juz can't imagine those who finish between 5 to 6 hrs marathon?

Running marathon is no joke, organizer should not play-play wit runners life. Oredi got 2 ppl pass away during this event, 1 Chinese and 1 Malay. I dont know wat der kok is happen, is all cover up by newspaper. I hope der organizer learn thier lesson, not pointed finger to others.

Those who did their maiden marathon here, it will be a nightmare for them.

No eye to see, amkan!


Fabio said...

Agree, organizer should take care of full marathon runners. They encourage people to join full marathon but without water supply is like ask us to go die, what the points?

AhYap said...

I am the one who finish more than 6 hours in KL marathon last year. There is no water for 20km straight after 10km!!! I have to buy it at seven eleven half way. CELAKA!

In Singapore, LONG FULLY STOCK water station await you every 1.5km and I have never seen one station without water.

We have to live with the fact that this is Malaysia and we call it BOLEHLAND. It is very different with KIASULAND.

Peter said...

in Malaysia a tourist died few days ago in Langkawi from a box jellyfish, nothing in the newspaper, runners died also nothing but the other sodomize one other and we have the big title everyday in the newspaper...conclusion u can died, media don't care but get f..k and u r @the top of the news...

jue said...


correct, correct, correct And agreed, agreed, agreed

i also suffer for 20km without water during scklm 2009. lucky i had some little cash & bought water from 7-eleven twice: along jln ampang & jln bukit bintang.

if u wanna be famous in bolehland, just go F**K just anyone or better still some public figure and BANG! the whole universe will know u!

Anonymous said...

What ? got 2 runners died during this event ?

The Malay runner is join half or full ? got name ?

Can't said cover up by newspaper,not fair to newspaper.

Just imagine,how many newspaper or tv media will waiting till event over at 2 to 3am ?

It depend on organiser PR job to write report to newspaper.

Or either the police or oganiser have a press conference explain and give advice to runners who may have heart problem,pls go check with dr first b4 join this event.

The run out of water at finishing point after 5hrs ? But my friends from taiwan completed full still have mineral water leh ? Maybe after 5h30m or after 6hrs ?

Don mention MILO or 100 PLUS lah,cause already can't see them.

This is old problem in Mas Marathon race already,not this race,cinya sad.

Lucky I ask many runners after came back,their answer is enough water along the race.


jue said...

DD, yeah there was another malay runner also in mid 40s passed away. he actually collapsed just started few km only. i read in hooha, orange man did mentioned.

this 2 cases is not the fault of organiser lah. in the form, all participants are asked to get medical advise before signing. so, its the responsibility of runners to take care of their own healthcare matter while the organiser should do the best of their ability to ensure all basic needs & safety are met with.

Anonymous said...


Wah..I saw some elite runners due to injury or not felt well Ironman Sam,Jessica etc.

All this must becarefull.

Will read hooha later.

Hooha bos replied me in email,ask me get info from race director,cinya..!

U see,they start play taiji,aiii..


jue said...


Malaysia mah . . . . . cinya

Anonymous said...

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