Sunday, March 14, 2010

Careless Whisper

My stupid fool story!
I dont know wat der kok happen to me? Never happen in my life before, I almost DNS for this Bareno Run. Oredi pack all my running attire in der bag before I leave der house. Arrived Bukit Jalil b4 6am, bcoz very kan cheong have to park far-far away. After settle my big business, I only realize my running bib & vest still at home hanging at my almari. TNS! %^$#@&*!!

Is oredi 6.30am liao, if rush back home like cat n dog still wont able to make it for der run. Really no mood to Pia liao, I have to Think... think.. think...!!

Finally, I quickly rush to find Mr. Tang Chee Choon, der race Director for this event. Told him my kok story, and very kind of him understand my situation. And he quickly grab a bib for me.

Cinya very der Kam Siah (TQ) n Kum Tung (Touch Face) to Mr. Tang, love U very much!

My Amkan Face : Der running shirt oso I borrow from Rujhan.
Pic from Tey's

Der beautiful medal, pic from Dannie Choong.


Malcalm said...

boss, funny leh, the 1 side of the medal: "kitchen and bath solution", people will thought we go for interior design competition :D

dannie chOOng said...

semilar incident happen to me before too, but not as bad as in reliasing it so late. i was driving 1/2 way already then reliase my running shoes which was left to dry+air outside was not with me. wasted another 30 mins driving back home to get it...
lesson learnt, so these days, i pin up the bid number the night before and hang up at the door, thereafter check shoes & sock in place before tidur...