Monday, March 22, 2010

FitnessConcept's Corporate Social Responsibility Program

Energetic Bunny would like 2spread the word
4FitnessConcept's Corporate Social Responsibility Program
starting next wk roadshow at 1U old wing from 23-28th March,
pls bring along all ur friends&family 2test out our cardio
machines, every 1km FC wil donate Rm5.

Help us accumulate 2a substantial charitable amount til end
of 2010. Watch out for Indoor Triathlon event as well. It's
fun 4everyone while ur contributing to the society2 =D Pls

Indoor Tri wil b featuring Reebok V7 treadmill, Recumbent
Bike & Crosstrainer. 1/2 hr one session, participants spend
10 mins on each machine. We wil record their accumulated
distances and the longest distances wins. FC wil donate 1km
= Rm5

Indoor Triathlon Times:
23thTues, 24thWed, 26thFri, 27thSat - 3-4pm, 730-830pm
Launching 25thThurs - 5-6pm, 8-9pm
Grand Final 28thSun - 3-4pm

Attractive Consolation Prizes for Indoor Triathlon Challenge:
Suunto laptop Bag x 10 units
Horleys Supplement Rm50 Gift pack x 10 units
FC Micro Fiber Towel worth Rm 32.90 x 72 units

Attractive Grand prize for Indoor Triathlon Challenge:
Suunto T1c HRM x 1unit worth RM589
Horleys Supplement RM250 Gift Pack
Holiday Voucher worth RM1500 x 1 unit

We are also look for fitness instructors who are able to
guild participants and motive them also to create excitement
for the Tri event. Price negotiable.

Pls kindly contact me for further details. 03-8026-2370 or
016-202-7025 many thanks and appreciate if you all can help
me spread the word and send this message out for more ppl to

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