Friday, March 26, 2010

Goodluck Goodyear n Goodbye!

Those doing d Energizer Night Marathon, pls take note.

1) Remember to drink plenty of water starting from NOW!

2) Cut ur toe nial avoid getting blister.

3) Wear ur running attire which u feel comfortable wit it.

4) Avoid getting tired on race day, posibble seat on wheel chair wherever U want to go lah.

5) Eat a proper meal, no nasi lemak, laksa or curry mee. Later U lausai not my problem.

6) Have a good sleep on friday night or sleep early, if kenot sleep hor, slap urself until pensan loh.

7) Find someone to pace wit, dont run all der journey by urself. Else U will never enjoy der race.

8) If u are fever or sick, better skip this event. Coz der weather is super duper hot n humid like oven. Life cinya fragile.

9) Do drink every water station u stop, avoid kena hydration lah.

10) Last but not least, wishing U guys all der best & Good Luck ya!


Mr Kan Cheong 101% said...

macha, rule no 9>> drink at water station to avoid hydration.

shud be >> drink at water station to avoid dehydration lah

dannie chOOng said...

thanks for the valuable advice !!! cinya kamtung :))

Melvin said...

Good luck to you sifu!

Aleximon said...

posibble seat on wheel chair wherever U want to go kua cheong meh ??

Jamie said...

luckily nowadays big malls have wheelchair for hire. but when wan to panjiu can stand up or not? coz have to use energy wor!

YS said...

Jamie... you sick... hahahaha!!! Okay... sit on wheel chair + wearing diaper.