Monday, March 29, 2010


Fitness Concept Cardio Fitness Indoor Triahthlon Challenge

Ayoyo... ah pah.. ah mah.. Not My Cup of Tea!
This is my first mini triathlon come wit 3 course meal, running, cycling n cross trainer. Juz doing a good favor for my good friend Kenny Tan, he kenot make it for der grand final. Which he had to fight hard to qualify for der final, but due to his absent, I hv to take over his slot.

Actually hor, after der Energizer night marathon. I'm oredi cinya tired like kok liao, eventho I'm only running 10km, but I pia wit all my thorat out. Due to der humid weather, body very easily get tired. Der next day hv to go for der grand final. So I really no target for anything. Juz want to enjoy it, and bring along der family as well to support me mah.

When der event about to start, I'm starting to get kan cheong liao. Quickly go for Pangsai, like dat oso want to kan cheong.. haih.. beh tahan about myself.

To be continue lah, want to go back liao *poof*

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