Monday, May 31, 2010

N-PAR6 2010 - Entry Update

Successfully Registered & Paid!

Competitive Cat. - 43/40 Teams (Max)
- Registration Closed!

Fun Run Cat. - 18/20 Teams (Max)
- 2 more to go..
Total Registered - 61/60 Teams (Max)

To register online, kindly click here!

Team Register List - Click Here!

Last updated at 12.45pm (31/05/2010)

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Khoo Kong Wah said...

There is an error in my Fun team T-shirt size. It shld read as KKW (L), CFW (M), CKJ (L).

I wuz told by the online guy that a lot of my team IC info has gone missing but now corrected. But the sizes certainly is wrong. Thanks.

imam car47 said...

Hello bro... apasal tk update list lagi?... Name of team reg... still the same maa.... Pls update laa bro...

Ronnie See said...

Dear Khoo,

Your shirt size oredi amended, sorry for der error.

U may now click der link to double chk.

Ronnie See said...

Dear Imam Car47,

Harap bersabar ya, I masih tunggu info drpd utk hantar database kpd saya.

Harap Maaf ya :)

Forza Meyya said...

Hi, I have registered my team on Monday (24th), but not updated. Please advise.