Friday, May 28, 2010

Road to SCKLM 2010 : Mission Impossible

I think most of der runners oredi in their peak or start to taper liao, but not for me. Today is my 1st wk of doing LSD, wit 1 month to go nia. So U say kan cheong or not kan cheong lah? As for today I hv to run all by myself nia, coz most of der gang are preparing for their international duty for Sundown, Malakoff 26km, Hatyai Marathon, Confucian Run & Relay for Life.

Cinya der damn boring like hell, sumore I started at 7.35am, due to over sleep. Very der Amkan! I think this is der 1st time I hv to run solo without any pacer for my LSD, der feeling like want to cry out. Upon seeing runners slowing come back from opposite direction, der feeling cinya beh tahan. My day look very der dark, but after seeing Malcalm Chew still sapu lantai at hartamas loop, suddenly my day become brighter liao. Coz I'm not alone!! haha!

And thanks to EFS energy drinks, I manage to complete 2 loops of bird park. Coz I finish der whole bottle of drink before I continue my journey at bkt aman car park.

My Split Time for today :
9.66km - 52'29.14
9.66km - 50'19.70 > 1h 42m 48s
2.60km - 14'11.88 > 1h 57m 00s
2.60km - 13'38.77 > 2h 10m 39s

Total Distance Cover : 24.52km

Next Week LSD :
Date : 5th June 2010
Time : 6.30am
Distance : 30km

All Are Welcome!


Melvin said...

Ronnie, why call this Mission Impossible? At least u have 1 mth to prepare! Wanna seek your advise, if I have 2 weeks or less to prepare, is it advisable to go for my SCKLM half? Just went to see Sue's recommeneded physician, he says my old injury is worse than before seeking my 1st treatment (with other physician) 5 weeks back, sigh :-(

jue said...

melvin, if u run to complete should be alright provided the injury is recovering well. but if u wanna do PB, better think twice. do u wanna take the risk . .

Melvin said...

Jue, not thinking of PB right now cause it's too risky & definitely unfit to achieve it. Now just hoping to recover soon enough to get a green light to run the half. I had quite a mixed experienced running my 1st and only half 11 yrs back, back then I was reasonable fit & young but still feel very suffering cause never ran beyond 10km during practise and on race day, blisters on my foot & whole body muscle ache after the run. So felt wonderful to complete my first half marathon but then swear not to repeat again coz of the pain after the run.
This time round, with a possibly just healed ankle and older now, am afraid the experience may be not good during & after the run. Anyway, run or not, will sure come to join everyone :-D

Anonymous said...

Pm1,sometimes it is good to train alone.

Anonymous said...

run laar not need to talk kok laar