Sunday, June 27, 2010

SCKLM 2010 : Mission Accomplish!

I'm very happy today, able to register another sub 4 hrs for my 3rd marathon. And this time I volunteers myself as a pacer for Sub 4 hrs. Despite all der blister on my both leg, I run wit all der pain for 3 hrs plus.

Being a pacer is not easy, cinya der pressure nia. Imagine tie up der balloon on ur body, der feeling is like something pull u back, if der wind is strong, is even harder to run. But I'm glad that most of der follower help to carry der balloon, each take turn.. I feel very der touching, tear almost drop out. One runner form Pg name Raymond Tan who has a personal best of marathon 3'20 who follow me from 8km onward, keep chatting wit me, until 34km he hv to drop out due to lack of training, he ask me to go ahead, I feel very sad to say bye2. Whenever I overtake runner, I will encourage them to follow me, but very sad most of them slow down liao. Because most of them start too fast liao, as a pacer I must maintain my pace n be strong.

Honestly, my biggest fear is 30km mark, coz both of my marathon I pancit kau-kau after 30km. For this time, I wanna make sure make no more mistake, der 1st 30km I run at very slow pace. alto leg very tired, but I stay strong.. my target is start slow n finish strong. Once I reach 30km, I'm very happy.. coz my body can still carry on. der last 12km I feeling cinya der great, I maintain my pace until finish.

Wit 1 month of training nia, I'm very happy able to achieve this result. But there is no short cut in training, need a lot of hard work, sacrifice and der passion as well.

My Split Time :
02km : 10'32.27
04km : 10'12.60 > 20' 44.87s
05km : 05'18.95 > 26' 03.82s

06km : 04'47.77 > 30' 51.59s
07km : 06'05.50 > 36' 57.09s (pit stop, kencing)
08km : 05'31.08 > 42' 28.17s
10km : 10'32.12 > 53' 00.29s

11km : 06'07.75 > 59' 08.04s
12km : 04'48.11 > 1h 03m 56s
13km : 05'18.62 > 1h 09m 14s
15km : 10'45.05 > 1h 19m 59s

16km : 05'22.45 > 1h 25m 22s
17km : 05'46.09 > 1h 31m 08s
18km : 05'03.85 > 1h 36m 12s
19km : 05'24.73 > 1h 41m 36s
20km : 05'24.52 > 1h 47m 01s

21km : 05'36.15 > 1h 52m 37s
22km : 05'30.51 > 1h 58m 08s
23km : 05'52.35 > 2h 04m 00s (pit stop, right leg blister)
24km : 05'19.10 > 2h 09m 19s

25km : 05'24.55 > 2h 14m 44s
26km : 05'20.67 > 2h 20m 04s
27km : 05'27.80 > 2h 25m 32s
28km : 05'08.12 > 2h 30m 40s
29km : 05'56.27 > 2h 36m 36s (pit stop, left leg blister)
30km : 05'12.50 > 2h 41m 49s (pit stop, kencing)

31km : 05'13.22 > 2h 47m 02s
32km : 05'16.57 > 2h 52m 19s
33km : 06'04.93 > 2h 58m 24s (pit stop, family support)
34km : 05'07.73 > 3h 03m 31s
35km : 05'36.31 > 3h 09m 08s

36km : 05'03.03 > 3h 14m 11s
37km : 05'21.05 > 3h 19m 32s
38km : 06'18.53 > 3h 25m 50s
39km : 04'53.59 > 3h 30m 44s
40km : 05'11.39 > 3h 35m 55s

41km : 05'08.23 > 3h 41m 04s
42km : 06'42.50 > 3h 47m 46s

Average Pace per km : 5min 22.53s

Distance by GPS kok : 42.37km (by YS Lee)

Apek Adrian See waiting at 33km mark, thanks for der support!

Adrian See wit der 4 hrs pacer balloon

blister kau-kau lat on both leg!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ron,

Congrats! What a superb timing despite all your pitt stops & blisters!

U r almost 13 mins ahead frm your expected pacer timing of 4hrs.

All the runners who followed u must have done their PB / PR!

PM 12

Christopher said...

Congrats on your good timing - sub 4 by 13mins !! Salute you for your effort and all the 30++km training that you did to prepare for this run. Mine was 4:07:10.

Anonymous said...

Pm1, u r the worst pacer ever. Bring ppl who follow u to holland. Next time u better be a normal participant then u can pia all u want.

Anonymous said...

Ronnie, do you really understand what sub-4 pacer is? Sub-4 pacer means you have to lead the followers to complete a marathon within 4 hours or SLIGHTLY below 4 hours. Read the word carefully, S-L-I-G-H-T-L-Y! You did 13 minutes faster than what you should. This is god awful! Look at your pacing, you ran 26 minutes for the first 5km. That is the speed for running a 3:40 Marathon. You seriously didn't understand what your responsibility is!

I wonder how organizer elected the pacers. Most of the pacers I saw yesterday were inexperienced at all. Some ran way ahead of the target time, like a sub-6 pacer did 5:47, OMG! Some ran way above the target time but still having the balloon tied! They were not like few seconds slower, they were like 5 to 10 minutes slower and some even worst! Do you guys know what is the meaning of SUB? SUB simply means UNDER or BELOW! Sub-5 means under 5. 5:01 is not sub-5!

Some did very well timing. They came back on time BUT they ran 15~20 minutes faster than what they should for the first 30km and slow down dreadfully for the last 10km. What kind of crap pacing strategy was that?

Why them? There are still many experienced marathoners around who can do better than them. Better not in terms of speed but in terms of the right attitude! Pacers are much more than just pacing or run fast. You need a right attitude. You can't be a pacer if you don't know the marathon basic!

Apologize if you find me annoying here but I believe there must be people out there feel the same as me. I hope you guys treat this seriously and do some serious review especially you, RONNIE! Anyway, there were few very good pacers who did very well yesterday, please accept my sincere gratitude!

That's all I want to say. Thanks for reading.

One of the followers who got screwed up badly by the pacer!

John said...

Hey Anonymous,I am not a fan of Ronnie either but technically his finishing pace is correct i.e. 3.47 is tecnhically a sub 4hour time & he had to do it alone with a huge blister on his foot.

In order to avoid misunderstanding, SCSM (Singapore) would have pacers for every 15 minutes i.e. sub 4 hour, sub 4.15, sub 4.30, sub 4.45 etc and they have at least 2 pacers for each category as back-up.

The pacer can run certain leaques faster and some slower as long he finishes within the stipulated pace he is responsible for. That is why it is important for the pacer to communicate his pace strategy before & regularly during the journey to his followers or any changes thereon to avoid misunderstanding. It is also important to have a back-up for each category so in case one is having a bad day (injured etc), the other can take over at the required pace.

In some marathons, you have a set of pacers running the first 21Km and the remaining 21.195Km taken over by another set of pacers. (i.e. another form of back-up to ensure that the pace category is met)

Obviously, these are aspect not observe by the organisor in Msia la. What to do? This is boleh land what.