Friday, June 18, 2010

Welcome to der Family : der PaceMakers 46

AFTER joining the working world, not only had I gained some working experience to be inserted into my resume but a less fancy package too, the extra 20kg of weight!

Stuck at 97kg, with practically no time for sports and no one to push me into losing those fats. My friends who used to be have so much extra time after classes had all turned workaholics. They were all busy with their work almost all the time leaving me nothing to look forward to each day but to head home after work to be a couch potato.

However, things have changed since two years ago when I took up a new job in the city which was just around the corner from the KLCC Park. Every evening, some of my colleagues would head off to run after work and I thought it would be perfect for me to join them given the fact that I was fairly overweight. On the first day, I was not only the slowest in the group but I couldn't even complete the full 1.3km loop! Now, not only I could easily run 5 loops and above, I am also a sub-6 marathon finisher!

At the moment I have a list of marathon that I wish to complete:

1. SCKLM 2010 - coming June, thanks to PM1, I have the chance to become pacer
2. PBIM 2010 – coming November, registered
3. SCSM 2010 – coming December, registered
4. Borneo International Marathon 2011
5. Sundown Marathon 2011
6. SCHKM – I will do it when I am able to complete within 5 hours, hopefully I can achieve this by 2012

I hope to try Sprint Triathlon at least once in my lifetime. If I can keep up with all the marathons which I have planned to run, I might give Ultramarathon a shot too!

I would like to thank Ronnie for giving me the chance to be part of this great family, PACEMAKER. I am a PM now!

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Malcalm Chew @ Pm46


Lai Fong Sang said...


Welcome onboard to the pacemakers family!

jue said...

fuyoh . . . from fei chai to leng chai liao . ..:D

welcome to the pia family.

Carrie said...

Eh I thought PM 66 geh ??? LOL ~ Welcome to this happening club !

dannie chOOng said...

welcome Malcalm. with PM1 training you, i'm confident you'll PIA like him in no time !!! :)

Fabio said...

PM46, u can do it. ^.^

Kelvin Ng pm2 said...

Another pm member is born ... Welcome to pm family !!!

Kelvin Ng pm2 said...
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