Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The River Jungle Marathon 2010

Date : 15th August 2010
Time : 4:30am - 12:30pm
Venue : Pekan Batu 18, Hulu Langat

It's only been 2 weeks after our INAUGURAL KL - PJ - KL Interstate 2010 Marathon, there has been a number of request for us to put together another marathon.

Well, after some consideration... we are planning to do it again!

Time time round, it will be again something different.
We're presenting to you The River Jungle Marathon 2010.

What You Need To Know?

You WILL be running a full marathon distance of 42.195KM (or a little more) :)

This will take place in Pekan Batu 18, Hulu Langat.

The route will be beautiful and scenic, while keeping to the standards of making the course a little (not sure if "a little" is an understatement) challenging, there will be a mega hill to tackle.

Along the route, you will be passing by many kampungs, running alongside rivers, catching view of the beautiful semenyih dam and perhaps encounter a monkey or two. (maybe a dozen)

Race Technicality:


We believe, running should be fun... so if you're here to do a PB, then maybe it's not a suitable run. It's targeted at a group of individuals who simply just love running!

Since runners make good friends, we don't think that you should be lonely running. We'll be putting together pacer groups with a fall back system.

What is the Fall Back System?

The plan is to have 3 Pacer Groups. You choose which group you wanna be in. A 5-hour, 6-hour and a 7-hour pacer group.

Those in the 5-hour pacer group, along the way, if they feel it's too fast or taxing can fall back to the 6-hour pacer group and so forth.

Those in 7-hour pacer group, if they need to fall back... hmm... you can fall back into the car which will act as a safety car and a sweeper car. :)

How Will We Do This?

We will look for 6 cars. 2 cars will be assigned to each pacer group.

In each group, car 1 will be leading the way with your hydration and needs. Car 2 will be following the last person in the pacer group.

The car will stop at the first 5KM and every subsequent 3KM to TRANSFORM as a water station, banana station, powergel station and etc.

Any questions?


Do We Have To Pay?

Well, I would love it if we can find a sponsor but i've worked out a way for us to fund this even without a sponsor.

It will cost RM 50 per person and is limited only to 50 pax. So if you're keen, do register early!


What Do I Get for RM50?

We will provide the following for each participant:-

1. 2 X Banana Each (1 at 21KM and another at 30KM)
2. 2 Bottle Mineral Water Each (500ml)
3. 2 Bottle Gatorade Each (500ml)
4. 4 pcs of Ice Cold Sponge Each
5. 1 X PowerGel at 30KM
6. Certificate of Participation - by The Marathon Shop Sdn. Bhd.
7. Finisher T (we're working on it, hopefully budget allows to cover)

We'll also have some counterpain, salonplus, or deep heating in case you need.

It is advisable to bring your own hydration too. (just in case right?)

How Do I Register and Pay?

We will open the registration soon on our website at www.themarathonshop.com.my

I'll ensure that once it's open, i'll update all of you!



As there are no medical personnel, ambulance, outriders or police to block roads and cars for you - PLEASE RUN AT YOUR OWN RISK.

I would recommend those who are regular marathoners to participate. Or runners who have at least completed 1 marathon under 7 hours.

Oh, also... if you're SICK, please DON'T RUN!

For more info, please visit Facebook event.

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