Tuesday, August 03, 2010

1Malaysia NPC Media Run organised by the National Press Club

I was informed of this run like a week ago. I called and registered in person with Nana , the friendly club manager.

On race day, I arrive at 7am to collect the race bib and saw Ronnie See, Dinesh and Guna were already there.

They were still hanging up the banner. It was like a Village Race. We had queue to get our bibs from the outdoor desks.
Then we need to queue again for our T shirts..

I spotted my European friend Zenon Karczewski coming out and the usual Women Vet champion Agnes Tee queuing.

Then Ronnie went and got his size S and came out these poses..

Then we started the race at approximately 815 am. And everyone started to sprint away. I took my time as I had race a 12.3 km Shape Run last night. I told myself that this is a recovery run for me.

Furthermore, I could only sleep at 2am last night due to the adrenaline rush in my system. Therefore I had only 4 hours sleep.My post recovery drink last night was Endurox R4 and a small Guiness Stout for the late dinner at 1130pm.

Everyone started to sprint right from the beginning. I started slow with Henry Wong and even chatted. All runners turn right after Bank Rakyat. Then the commotion started when they were told they were running in the wrong direction! Ronnie, Dinesh and Guna included. They turned back immediately and it was really hilarious.

Since I was at the back of the pack, suddenly Henry and I found ourselves right in front. We were in front till the right turn into Dataran Merdeka. We laughed non-stopped and joked that we have never been in front of race before.

As we are running along side the Dataran Merdeka, more and more runners overtook us one by one.

Then I stopped talking and began to pick up my pace. It was a gradual uphill climb. I was keeping an easy pace. Then we turned right into the road next to Masjid Negara and passing the Planeterium. This is the steepest part of the course.

I begin to open up my stride and finding my self in a better position at this juncture. It was a relieve when we reached Memorial Tun Razak. It was downhill from then and quite steep too. I maintained my position and leaned forward to minimize impact on my knees. At this point, some people began to cheat by cutting through the Lake Gardens. Ronnie shouted but to no avail.

Then we ran along side the Lake Garden towards Jalan Travers and turn right into the Carcosa Hill again. I know this is a long and gradual climb. So I was mentally prepared. I overtook a few people here. I maintained long stride and kept my body light.

After that, we went down to Jalan Parlimen and received our ribbon marker. Then I know it’s a short dash along Jalan Parlimen to go back to NPC club house.

But before that along side the Lake Club, I overtook some veterans again. I made my final dash after the entrance road to Car Park. After a while, I saw no one was close so I did slow down a little in order for a strong finish.

I arrive at the finish line in 32minutes and 13 seconds. I knew that this is easily more than a 5km race. I checked Henry Polar GPS , it turned out to be 6.8km. My best KLCC 5 lap (6.9km) is 31:58. However, given the hills and my condition, I was quite happy to achieve my time that morning. I remembered when I first started my KLCC training 3 months ago, I was doing more than 37minutes for 5 laps.

My first question was to the officials was ” What’s my position?” I knew that the medals were for top 10 only. I submit my time card to the desk officials and was elated to find out that I was placed no 5.

No 5..I had never achieved a top ten position in any race ever. I attribute my success to my running group and all the speed work that we have been doing. My recovery time was getting shorter and shorter. My strides are easier and easier.
We were served Nasi Lemak and beehoon goreng breakfast with coffee and tea. The pool table became the ad-hoc the buffet counter.
Before we knew it, the bar of the club was opened and people started having beer at 9am in the morning.

The whole place became like a Cheers Bar and we also started laughing and joking away.

Then they called my name to receive the medals..

My super marathon friend Zenon Karczewski a 70 time marathoner also received his medal..

A Hungarian girl doing her attachment in a Ipoh university was the top in the women open.

I posed with my medals and prizes later outside.

As you can see, I am grinning from ear to ear. Thanks to Henry Wong for accompanying me at the late notice and being my photographer so that I had so many wonderful photos. Last but certainly not least, Ronnie See for the encouragement, training and informing me about the race.

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plee said...

CONGRATULATIONS WellDone! Recovery run with 5th placing is cool! Nice report. Funny imagining everyone making the wrong turn and then catching up to you and Henry! Keep hashing!
Paul lee

jue said...

congrats!!! finally some hardwork & perseverence being rewarded. so see u pia more in future . . :)