Wednesday, August 04, 2010

der Pacemakers #65 - Welcome to der Family

I started working out in a gym since 2002. My gym friend signed me up for the Ambank KLIM 10km in 2005.Managed to complete it in 1:05. I enjoyed it to the maximum. I brag to everyone how far 10km is. So, you can say that I am hooked to running since then.

I did my first half marathon in Ambank 2006 (Timing 2; 10) and I ran my first out of Malaysia race, the half marathon in SCSM in 2006. To be honest, I never trained outdoors because I haven't found a group. So I was sticking to running on treadmills and attending Group Exercise classes.

In mid 2007, I was posted to work in Singapore and that’s when my running deteriorated. I was caught in the transition of working in a new environment. I lost my interests to keep my self healthy and stayed away from working out. The funny thing is that I was actually worked for a a Project cum Maintenance manager.

I still signed up for the SCSM 2007 half and completed it in all appalling time of 2:45. My MD asked me if I walked all the way. My 2008 was uneventful as far as running was concerned even though I did manage to do the Bull Run for my company and signed up for the Passion Run in Singapore .

After I got back to KL at the 3rd quarter of 2008, I was busy getting myself resettled and staying away from the gym. I even opted to go the Zouk Out Rave Party on Sentosa Island than to go SCSM 2008. The Zouk Out was one week after the SCSM.

In 2009, my gym friends said that Standard Chartered will be the title sponsor for KL marathon. So we signed for the 10K as a group and I had a blast. All the familiar feeling of running is coming back to me. I ride on my high feeling and signed up the PBIM 2009, SCSM 2009...all half marathons.

By then I would have ran some 10 halfs by then and still no guts to attempt a full marathon. So I was deliberating to do a full outside Malaysia after all the horror stories of the SCKLM 2009. I chose HK as they are opening a new bridge this year. I love bridges and admire them due to my technical background. It wasn't the easiest marathon to do. I remember the climb from KM 36-38 from the cross harbour tunnel. I managed to complete my Virgin Marathon at 5:01.

I have been following the PM1 blog for years and admired for someone so diligently in keeping all the KLCC lap timings. Soon I became one of them and clocked my first 5 lap time on the 8 April 2010. Its 5 days after I ascended mount Kinabalu .

There's no turning back since then. And I am proud to say that I have not missed a single Thursday session since then. First it was the running, and then now I would say it's looking forward to see the familiar faces. Laughing and joking with them.

Therefore, I would like to say a big thank you to PM1 Ronnie See and bro Wong Kei Ming for allowing me to be part of this wonderful family of Pacemaker. It’s my hope that I will get to know each and everyone of you. I believe when we enjoyed running, we are also willing to drop our guards and defenses. There's no barrier in running.

Thank you.

Yours in running,

KK Yum @ PM65


jue said...

congrats for being part of der pacemakers family.

now PM will have another potential pia kaki. keep up the pace and see you more often on the ground.

dannie chOOng said...

welcome to the Pacemakers family !!!

Lai Fong Sang said...

Welcome to the pia kau kau lat family of der_pacemakers network, the best in KL & PJ! And some say Jinjang Utara too!

Anonymous said...

thank guys..u r a friendly bunch..I feel at home already..KK

shafiz said...


SuRich Athletics & Sports said...

Pm65..Welcome bro to the ready to pia all the way in every race ...pm26

Anonymous said...

thanks PM26..hope to see you during the BBQ. KK

June Malik said...

well done and good luck in your future running escapades :)

Carrie said...

Welcome aboard to the pia team !

Anonymous said...

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