Wednesday, August 25, 2010

NEWTON Pacemakers 6th Anniversary Run - Update

Below are der pictures of der running route I use for PAR4, hopefully still can be use n der picture are clearer to you.

Note : If u are coming from MRR2 after batu caves roundabout, there is 2 petrol station on ur right side. Once u have notice it, immediately turn left. That is der main entrance for Metropolitan Park.

Plenty of parking space wit public toilet @ 20cents.

Pls keep der place clean ok, do not simply throw rubbish. Kam Siah!

Der starting point to car park is only 50m sahaja.

This is der 500m mark, U need to turn right to continue der journey.

At 1km Mark, downhill n uphill.

At 1.4km, this is der last part of der hill session.

At 2km mark, all runners required to turn left, if u go strait follow der blue color track, it will be very der jialat, cause that is der most suffering hill. Lucky we are skipping that part, n oso do not worry, this is our check point station. We got 2 ppl jaga here.

At 2.5km, this area a lot of ppl like to fishing.

Another view of 2.5km mark.

At 3km mark, we will hv another ppl jaga here, not to worry.

Almost to finish, once U see this sign, turn right and U are 90m away to finishing line.

brought 2u by pm1


IJAM said...

alamak...too bad i cant join...

Anonymous said...

lucky im join, see u there guy

Khoo Kong Wah said...

nice park. actually I stay near here but nvr enter, not to say run here. Gd that u made it clear where to park, otherwise, I wld go to the entrance the last time.

Melvin said...

Where u stay Kong Wah? For me, just walk over there also reach liao!
Thought it would be very exciting if the "jialat" hill is part of the route :-)