Sunday, August 15, 2010

This Week LSD (Long Slow Distance)

What : Preparation for Newton 25km Run (2nd Session)
When : 15 August 2010, Sunday
Where : Bukit Aman Car Park, nearby Toilet
Starting Time : 6.29am (reporting 6.25am)
Distance : 9.66km + 2.27km + 9.66km = 21.59km
Attendance : Pm1, KK from 988fm, Fong Sai Siong, Kee Guan Chye, Oh Yan Kai, Daniel Chow, Hong Zi Shen, Christoper Jong, Tan Wah Sing, Lai Fong Sang, Kenny Tan, etc...

Another enjoyable run today, wit guest of honor Mr.Tan Wah Sing der barefoot runner tagging along. Is a honor to hv Mr. Tan joining our LSD, I learn something from him today. Our first 9.66km split was 51.57s and follow by 2.27km loop at 11m 30s. Then we take a break n chit chat. Today my leg cinya tired like kok, must be due to der BBQ on sat, walking here and there, chasing my son all over der place plus swimming. Lucky wit der big group of runners, I manage to carry on.

Der 2nd part was a bit tough liao. Tan Wah Sing seem like never getting tired wan, lucky got Kenny keep talking to him to slow down his pace. As for me I kenot talk anymore liao, totally out of breathe liao. After Kenny gas oso empty liao, Tan Wah Sing start to pia liao after jln duta flyover. I could only follow nia. Even der last 1km I oso follow cinya tight-tight nia, can't event get close to his nose. haha!

And well done to everyone who finish der run today, esp Lai Fong Sang & Kenny Tan, both did 30km today.

Result for last 9.66km Split :
47.42 - Tan Wah Sing
47.44 - Ronnie See
00.00 - Loh Wing Keen
50.26 - Hong Zi Shen
50.30 - Oh Yan Kai
51.09 - Daniel Chow
53.23 - Meyyappan Manickam
53.17 - Christopher Jong
53.56 - Lai Fong Sang (30km)
54.46 - Kenny Tan (30km)
58.43 - Fong Sai Siong
59.03 - Stanley Cheong
64.33 - KK Yum
64.33 - Sandy Roberts (UK)

Next Week LSD :
What : Preparation for Newton 25km Run (3rd Session)
When : 22 August 2010, Sunday
Where : Bukit Aman Car Park, nearby Toilet
Starting Time : 6.15am (reporting 6.10am)
Distance : 9.66km + 2.27km X 2 + 9.66km = 23.86km

Pls take note, if raining like cat n dog, follow by hotdog.. training will be cancel! Amkan!

brought 2u by pm1


Christopher said...

It was a good and "slow" LSD run. I admired your strength and really want to catch up with your pace. See you next week !

kkyum said...

it was LFD

barefoot said...

It's a privililege to be able to join your joyful gang and pace with you. U rated me too high, make me b..blush. Look forward to join u coming weekend. Do let me konw if utter too much...:)