Sunday, September 19, 2010

This Week LSD (Long Slow Distance)

What : Preparation for Newton 25km Run (Session 7/7) FINAL!
When : 19 September 2010, Sunday
Where : Bukit Aman Car Park, nearby Toilet
Starting Time : 6.30am (reporting 6.25am)
Distance : 9.66km X 2 = 19.32km
Attendance : Pm1, Lionel, Daniel Tan, Bryan, Yann Kai, Daniel Chow, Kenny Tan, FSS, Rujhan, Christopher, KKYum, Sandy, Hannah Loh, AP Tan and Cari Runners Gang.

My Split for today :
9.66km : 50'51.34
9.66km : 45'13.01 > 1h 36m 04s

Last 9.66km Split Time :
42.41 - Lionel Lee (28.4km)
42.54 - Daniel Tan (Raja Bukit)
45.13 - Ronnie See
45.13 - Bryan Lee
46.14 - Tay Poh Chye
46.24 - Chin Teck Sin
46.31 - Goh Shu Wei
46.31 - Daniel Chow
46.39 - Oh Yann Kai
47.23 - Kenny Tan (30km)
51.51 - Fong Sai Siong
51.51 - Mohd Rujhan
52.13 - KK Yum
53.16 - AP Tan
54.00 - Sandy Robert
55.15 - Hong Zi Shen
55.42 - Christopher Jong
00.00 - Hannah Loh
00.00 - Lai Fong Sang (30km)

Today is our final training for Newton 25km LSD after 7 session of hardcore and discipline training, and a very good turn out for today as well. I want to say big thank to you guys for joining my LSD session from session 1 until 7, as I can see quite of number of runners are improving like rocket. Cinya happy for them, wish u guys good luck n all der best. Majulah Sukan Utk Pacemakers Malaysia!

After Newton 25km over, I will be taking a break from LSD for 3 weeks. Deserved a good rest before come back for another strong LSD for PBIM. Need to pia for some races to get back my speed power on 10th Oct - Nike 10km Run & 17th Oct - Mizuno Wave Run and return back to LSD on 24th October 2010.

Kam Siah & Kum Tung :)


Anonymous said...

thanks PM1 for all the training...KK

Christopher said...

Thank you for organising this LSD sessions. They are extremely beneficial...however, I was not disciplined coz I miss 2-3 sessions. Good luck to all next week !!