Friday, October 22, 2010

This Week LSD (Long Slow Distance)

What : Preparation for PBIM (Session 1/4)
When : 24 October 2010, Sunday
Where : Bukit Aman Car Park, nearby Toilet
Starting Time : 6.30am (reporting 6.25am)
Distance : 9.66km X 2 = 19.32km
Attendance : Pm1, FSS, KKYum, Hannah Loh, CMY's, Rozmi, Tan Wah Sing, Yap Chee Kuang, WKM's, Cynthia Gan & etc...

L-R : CMY, Pm1, KKYum, Tan Wah Sing, Poh Chye Pill, Rozmi Yunus & Christopher Jong

Had a wonderful run today. Most of der runners start very early today. I only young boy Tan Wah Sing, Romzi, Tay Poh Chye pill & Cheong Mun Yoke as a pacer. It supposed to be easy recovery run, but after half way mark at duta highway. Everyone start to on fire liao, I could only hang on to der group until hartamas. Tan Wah Sing n Rozmi did extra 1 loop of 2.27km, while most of us resting n talk kok until they come back and hv some wonderful picture taken by KK Yum, to be upload soon at his FB.

My Split for today :
9.66km : 51'23.28
9.66km : 45'16.72 > 1h 36m 40s

Last 9.66km Split Time :
44.30 - Rozmi Yunus (extra 2.27km)
45.07 - Tan Wah Sing (extra 2.27km)
45.16 - Ronnie See
45.47 - Stanley Cheong Mun Yoke
50.27 - Tay Poh Chye (yesterday 20km)
55.24 - Yap Chee Kuang
55.36 - KK Yum
55.57 - Wong Kei Ming
60.00 - Fong Sai Siong

2'56.15 - Hong Zi Shen (29.7km)

Next Coming LSD :
31st October 2010 - Session 2/4
7th November 2010 - Session 3/4
14th November 2010 - Session 4/4
21st November 2010 - See you at PBIM

brought 2u by pm1


barefoot said...

Alright! See u for the challenge..:) Well done for sayur me near the finish...I m happy to be sayur by better runners like u & michael..look forward for the revenge...:) barefoot crazy

Anonymous said...

photo upload liao