Wednesday, December 22, 2010

PRIR 2010 - Official Result

As a team captain, I'm very proud of my team, cause everyone did their 100% effort wit der Spirit of Pia tagline. No cash prize offer, we just come here to hv fun and experience der excitement of Pia, and most importantly is making a good relationship among each other.

Der Elite Team has broke der 2006 record time of 5h 28m 07s to 4h 50m 44s and achieves sub 5hrs target, is really a bonus to us liao. And for der Fun Run also manage to achieves der target time of sub 6hrs too, Fun Run Team was taken care by KK Yum Pm65, he did a great good.

We shall come back again another World Cup year of 2014, it will be more meaningful than taking part every year.

Men Open Category :
4:29:08 - Penang Turf Club Runners (B)
4:47:32 - Penang Forward Sports Club A (C)
4:50:44 - Pacemakers Malaysia 1 (J)
4:54:02 - BM Leopard (A)
5:35:32 - Phor Tay (Kelvin) (E)
5:39:59 - Penang Forward Sports Club B (D)
5:44:36 - Forerunner (H)
5:54:51 - Pacemakers Malaysia 2 (K)
5:59:27 - Team Happy Run - Farlim (G)
6:05:49 - Penang Forward Sports Club C (L)
6:50:03 - Cari Runners (M)
7:09:27 - Western Digital (F)

Men Veteran Category :
5:03:26 - Taiping Road Runners (U)
5:09:02 - Penang Forward Sports Club D (P)
5:32:56 - Old Two(O2)Hiking Team (X)
5:36:38 - i-Run Waterfall Warriors -Wood (V)
5:39:34 - Old & Young (N)
6:09:47 - OXA Veteran 92 A (R)
6:34:18 - PVAA (T)
6:35:53 - OXA Veteran 92 B (S)
6:52:27 - i-Run Waterfall Warriors -Timber (W)

Mixed Team Category :
5:48:33 - i- Run Waterfall Warriors- Metal (3)
5:53:59 - i- Run Waterfall Warriors- Water (2)
6:17:32 - i- Run Waterfall Warriors- Fire (4)
6:28:02 - Rubber Burners (1
6:52:27 - i- Run Waterfall Warriors- Earth (5)
8:55:09 - Infinity Milers (6)

Pacemakers 1 & Pacemakers 2 Split Time & 2006 split as well.

brought 2u by pm1


Anonymous said...

Dear Captain,
First of all, thank you for including me in your elite pia team. I'm very honored and surprised to be chosen. You guys really did a great job arranging everything, the supporters was fantastic and the run was WOW!!!!

I never imagine it was so stressful running a team relay. It was so boring & hungry waiting from 630am-11am. Then, when i saw the team bus came, my heart rate went up the roof. Started 3rd position, then dropped to 4th and then finally got back to 3rd. I push and push and push and so happy to see the 12th runner, Chen.

After passing baton, really mau pengsan and vomit white foam. But after we have confirmed our 3rd placing, i was so HAPPY!

So,thanks for everything and , maybe in 2014 we masuk veteran category la. Cos the boy i lost to only 14 years old nia. Make me look like an uncle running with him.
Bryan Lee/11

dannie chOOng said...

concur with Bryan. yes, I enjoyed myself too despite the 'kan cheong" feeling while waiting for the baton to arrive. the pressure was worst than running a full marathon. both the team captain (PM1 & PM65) and the support crew did a good job in organizing and supporting the PACEMAKER team... 2014 huh ???!!! blek...