Sunday, December 26, 2010

Welcome to der Family : PACEMAKERS #59

Bryan Lee

I first started running in 2003, age 27. Why? Just like many who started – to lose weight. I was thinking to myself “I am not even 30, overweight and have a tummy”. At that point, I wanted to lose 5kg and have a flat stomach, no 6 packs-never mind. I can still remember my first run was near my old secondary school, a 1km loop. I only can run 2.5km and felt like dying. But, I never thought of quitting. I just told myself, never mind, tomorrow I will try to run further.

With perseverance and consistency (and want to look good) I kept running until can I muster a distance of 5-6km. Then, I came across PJ Half Marathon and thought maybe I should join the 10km race. I asked my best friend, Andrew, (who have now completed an ultra 84km and many marathons) and he said “No thank you”. Damn it.

I don’t know what gone into me that I signed up for the 10km ALONE! I kept training for it and at the same time worried whether I can complete the full 10km!! I did not have any target or race strategy, just to show up and run. So, on 21 September 2003, I ran my first 10km in 56’04”. I was so surprised and ecstatic, that when I crossed the finish line, the marshal told me I was the 97th finisher and the medal was only for the Top 100 runners. At that moment, I knew that I would be running in many more races.

When I started to join races (10k or 21k), I have always heard of the Pacemakers name and of course, the ever-popular PM1, Mr. Ronnie See. I wondered how can one join this club and even tried to search for an application form in his website! Then someone told me it is exclusive and by invitation only! Damn it. During this time, I started to follow Ronnie’s performance in races and I was shocked to see that this dude can really run fast.

At the same time, I also met Daniel Tan (PM3), who happened to join the same gym with me. I was wondering why on earth was this dude abusing the treadmill, running at 15km/h with the stride of a cheetah. I introduced myself and gotten some valuable tips on how to run fast. Occasionally, I also joined Ronnie in some of his LSD, although I think he should change it to LFD – Long Fast Distance.

Fast forward until today, I have completed 11 marathons with a personal best of 3:39:20, an Ultra Marathon (84km), a sprint triathlon, a full distance Powerman, 10km, 21km and 30 km races. I have also recently take part in the Penang Round Island Relay with the Pacemakers Team and was so delighted that our team got 3rd for the Men Open category. It was definitely one of my toughest (physical & mental) races that I have ever run. I was also glad to have met with so many of the pacemakers’ runners in both our teams.

So, on 23 Dec 2010, I was very happy that I have received a mail from Ronnie, inviting me to join his exclusive running community. Oh, and also to include my most leng chai pictures.

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Bryan Lee @ PM59
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jue said...

welcome to the pia family. from now on, u will have to learn how to pia till white foam also come out .. .hahahaaa

Aleximon said...

welcome to PM family.

Anonymous said... the PM family..very inspiring story...welcome welcome...KK

dannie chOOng said...

welcome Bryan to the PM gang. though u join later than me by months, you are awarded as PM#59, while i'm PM#62. thus' by ranking i guess i shud still call u my senior/sifu !!! :)

Carrie said...

Welcome to the pia kau kau lat club

Cheong Mun Yoke said...

Welcome to the 'pia till white foam' club!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome on board bro! This old cheetah will have to cede and let Bryan the new cheetah to take over........cheers daniel