Sunday, January 09, 2011

PACM Track Meet 2011

What : PACM Track Meet
Where : Stadium Selayang, Kuala Lumpur
When : 9th January 2011
Distance : 3200m (8 Laps) Age Group 30-39
Medal : Top 3 sahaja

Mission Fail

Very Amkan nia! After all der hardcore training I been thru. I'm not greedy, I only take part 1 event. Der only medal I hope for is 3.2km Men Age 30-39, however luck is not on my side today, falling sick on Friday n Saturday, Seong fung (flu) & sore throat. I try my very best liao, can only finish 4th placing, my leg feel so heavy at der start, even Wong Kei Ming, Raymond Ng, Ghejantharan was ahead of me, seem like I'm almost sapu lantai liao, until last 4 laps only manage to sayur everyone.

Pick up der pace last 3 laps, but is too late liao. Manage to sayur of of my age grp runner in last 250m to go, but still not good enuf in podium position. Finishing Time 12m 35s (Split Time 1'23 1'35 1'36 1'37 1'39 1'38 1'36 1'28) Work stress, running oso stress. Wan Sek Kan Nan! Wan Medal oso Kan Nan! Life another day, Life still go on!

PACM Track Meet Pictures pls get if from Tey Eng Tiong Facebook!

Btw, if u want to criticism on me or watever, pls hv der gut to show ur name, esp anonymous, else u will only talking to der wall, nobody will entertain u. Runners all are friendly, and pls hv some respect to other. Nobody is perfect!

der truth spirit of pia, here I come...

Cinya kan cheong, just holding on my nerve not to be sayur by der guys name call Kenny Wong. Coz same age group mah.

almost there... hang on ya.. hang on..

Pia Like No Tomorrow!
Finally I'm done! But still not good enuf for podium finish, miss out 1 malay guys, he was juz 20s in front of me nia. Lesson to learn, doing track event like dat, must start turbo like mad dog until finish. My start was a bit slow, wasting a lot of valuable time.

Kenny Wong, strong, powerful and muscular, like want to eat ppl like that. Is a honor to pia like cats n dogs wit him at last 250m to finish.

brought 2u by pm1


sgloong said...

wah who wanna talk bad about u... cinya... nvr mind ignore those fellows... ur doing a job updating all this running infor... keep it up...

Eugene Loong

Melvin said...

Aiya, life's like that, sometime win, sometime lose. But think your time very der good ledy, some more not in best form. Dun treat your body so harsh.

QiYan said...
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QiYan said...

Looking at the photos, now I know why you are the captain of PIA team. If there is a podium for this, you can definitely get it!

Anonymous said...

PM1, don't care about whichever chicken that write but dare not identify himself....working world also like that. You have done well, you still run despite being sick. I dare not even participate! Well i am stressed too at work, no time to train. Take care ya....PM3 Daniel Tan

cRAzYtoMatOmaN-D said...

Ronnie, any insects fly into your mouth? hehehe!

You really pia kau lat la...bagut bagut!!

I must learn to pia like u.