Friday, March 11, 2011


Some of the important notes that you need to know especially for those who are running the 21km.

Reporting will start from 4.35am onwards.

Flag off for Half Marathoners at 5.30am.

Half Marathoners are advised to park at car park B & C.
Reporting and Flag off will be at 2 different locations. So do pay attention to the announcement and follow instructions by the crew on duty.
Only take insruction from crew who are wearing the official tag & t-shirt.

**Very Important**
All Half Marathoners will be issued a blank sticker in the race pack. Write your Bib No, Name and Mailing Address clearly on the sticker. Drop this sticker into the box provided by the organiser and your reporting card into another box. Do not mix up the Sticker box and Reporting box.
Half Marathoners will also have to tie the disposable Championchip onto the shoe.
SIS Gel for half marathoners at km14.

Mobile toilets are located strategically at km8/km14 for Half Marathoners
Distant markers are strategically tie onto lamp post at eye level at every 1km. Do look out for the lamp post to gauge your running time.

You are encourage to car pool to avoid heavy traffic. The organiser has taken all precaution to ensure your safety. However, you are advised to ensure that your car is locked and DO NOT leave any valuable items in your car. There will be 2 Rela members and 2 crew from the organising team patrolling in each section of the car park.

Hydrate and train well. Run safely and have fun!

See you at the race venue on Sunday . .. . cheers!!!

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