Friday, April 22, 2011

Letter of authorization to pick up bib

Dear honourable organizer of Bidor Half Marathon 2011,

I, Mohd Yaziz Bin Mohd Isa, Malaysian Identity card number 610107-09-1234, and United States social security number 777-78-1234, here by authorized Yang berbahagia Datuk Sri Dr Ronnie See Hock Leong, champion Malaysian marathon runner with personal best of 3;00;00 hours at recent Nightmare Marathon 2011, in Sepang, who will be representing Malaysia at London Olympic 2012, to collect my running bib, t-shirt, position trophy and medal, goodies bag, on my behalf.

My registration details are as follows:

Name: Mohd Yaziz Bin Mohd Isa
I/C no.; 610107-09-1234
Registered no C 0197

Thank you and good luck in your organizing of Bidor half Marathon 2011!


Mohd Yaziz Bin Mohd Isa
Malaysia I/C no., 610107-09-1234
United States social secutity no., 7770-78-1234


Anonymous said...

datuk sri dr?? haha

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LKK - wakakaka

RunWitMe said...

LOL! Cinya!

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