Thursday, May 19, 2011

Casio runners watch

Wanted a watch, which have basic features such as stopwatch function, lap memories and countdown timers? Well, good news! You do not need to look high and low, left and right, front and back already. Look HERE! Casio runners watch is THE watch for you.

Durable, affordable and incredibly simple to use, Casio watch is your perfect running partner.

Runner Series with 60 lap memory (Ladies)
With its 10 Year Battery, this watch is not only powerful; it is eco-friendly also. This long lasting power will translate in years of reliable training data. With a front-button activated 1/100th Second Stopwatch w/60-Lap memory, Pace Signal & Distance Calculation; you won’t want to leave on your next run without it. Available in 3 different colours, now you can be sporty AND fashionable!

10 Year Battery (Eco-friendly)
50 Meter Water Resistant
100th Second Stopwatch w/60 Lap Memory
Pace Signal and Distance Calculation
Colours available in Green, Pink and Black/Pink

Technical Specs
50M Water Resistant
Auto LED Light with afterglow
Dual Time
4 Daily Alarms and 1 Snooze Alarm
Hourly Time Signal
1/100 second stopwatch
Measuring unit: 1/100 second (lower display for the first 60 minutes, center display for the first 10 hours), 1 second (lower display after 60 minutes, center display after 10 hours); 0.1 mile or km
Measuring capacity: 99:59'59"; 99.9 miles or km (total distance covered)
Measuring modes: Elapsed time, lap/split time
Memory capacity: Up to 61 lap/split numbers and times; total distance covered
Input data: Stride length 40 to 190cm (16 to 76 inches)
Pace signal
Countdown Timer
Measuring unit: 1 second
Countdown range: 1 minute to 100 hours
Other: Auto-repeat function
Full Auto Calendar (pre-programmed until the year 2039)
12/24 Hour Formats
Accuracy: +/-15 seconds per month
Battery CR2025
Approx. battery life: 10 years
Module 3257
Size of case / total weight
43.9 x 35.1 x 11.4mm / 29g

1) Runner Series – Green (RM190.00)

2) Runner Series – Pink (RM190.00)

3) Runner Series – Black/Pink (RM220.00)

Solar Powered with 120 lap memory
Introducing the Solar Powered runners watch from Casio that delivers long lasting and accurate timing. Its unique, Self-Charging Solar Power system drives all the watch functions from start to finish. A 1/00th Stopwatch with 120 lap memory provides valuable data to help you achieve your goals and dual countdown timers provide the ability to time your interval training for added workout success. There are also 5 alarms, to help stagger your meal times throughout the day and 48-city World Time, so you can time your workouts while you’re away on business or on your next adventure getaway.

Tough Solar Power
50M Water Resistant
1/100th Second Stopwatch with 120 Lap Memory
5 Alarms

Technical Specs
Tough Solar Power
50M Water Resistant
LED Light with Afterglow
4 Daily alarms and 1 Snooze Alarm
Hourly time signal
World Time
31 times zones (48 cities + UTC), city code display, daylight saving on/off
1/100 second stopwatch
Measuring capacity: 99:59’59.99”
Measuring modes: Elapsed time, lap time, split time
Memory capacity: Up to 120 records (used by lap/split time records and log title screens)
Others: Lap number (from 001 to 999); Best lap time screen
Countdown Timer (TR1)
Measuring unit: 1 second
Countdown input range: 5 seconds to 99 minutes 55 seconds (5-second increments and 1-minute increments)
Other: Auto-repeat Function (Timer-to-timer, 10 repeats)
Countdown Timer (TR2)
Measuring unit: 1 second
Countdown input range: 5 seconds to 99 minutes 55 seconds (5-second increments and 1-minute increments)
Other: Auto-repeat Function (Timer-to-timer, 10 repeats)
Full auto-calendar (pre-programmed until the year 2099)
12/24 hour formats
Button operation tone on/off
Accuracy: +/- 30 seconds per month
Battery power indicator
Power saving function
Storage battery: Solar rechargeable battery
Approx. battery life: 13 months on full charge (without further exposure to light)
Module: 3197
Size of case/total weight (Ladies)
44.8 x 38.6 x 13.4mm / 33g
Size of case/total weight (Men)
45.4 x 44.0 x 13.3mm / 42g

4) Ladies Solar – Black (RM230.00)

5) Men Solar – Black (RM230.00)

6) Men Solar – Grey (RM230.00)

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Limited units available. PM members gets a special 10% discount.

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