Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Welcome to der Family : der Pacemakers #70

Here my story begins…..

I never thought of I will be a runner one day during my school time from primary school till completed my university study. The only sport I played is badminton and I had badminton gathering with my schoolmate every weekend. When I started to work, the chances of playing sport are even less. The only time I played sport was during company team building and company family trip. I don’t run at all and dislike the tiring feel during running. I’m not interested to know what we so call Running…

Somehow in the mid of year 2009, my colleague approached me to join Mens Health Night Run, saying that I can get lots of goodies in a very good deal. Therefore I signed up Mens Health Night Run 11.5km as my first running event. I started to train by jogging at the park near my house which one loop is around 1.2km and I just managed to run 2 loops each time. I never give up and keep training. At last, I managed to complete my first run of 11.5km at 1hr 18mins, still not too bad for the 1st time bah.

Felling great by completing my first running event and I continued to sign up for Ekiden Run 2009 by teaming up with my colleagues. Not getting champion, but at least got an experience on how a relay running event looks like. Seems like I am addicted to running since the day I started to run. I continued to registered more running event in 2009 like Mizuno Wave Run (11km@1hr18mins), Genting Trailblazer 2009 (14km@5hrs30mins due to jam of people all way) and also Malakoff Run 2009 (12km@1hr23mins). I felt great when awarded with a nice finishing medal when I crossed the finishing line. At that moment, I started to know more running friends including the Pacemakers family members.

I started my year 2010 run with New Balance Pacesetters 20km Run @2hrs22mins. This was my longest distance run that time. I did not hesitate to sign up for Putrajaya Half Marathon after this. Putrajaya Half Marathon 2010 in Feb was a nightmare race for me, completed in 2hrs57mins due to cramp and knee injury. My friend told me that the injury was caused by lack of training and I need to pay more attention on training. 2 weeks later, I did not hesitate to join Houston Run Wild Half Marathon in US as I was in business trip that time. Cold weather in US supposed was nice to run, but my knee injury occurred at 12km and the pain was killing me. I can’t run at all and just managed to walk and slow run to complete it in 2hrs50mins. After back from Houston, I iced my knee and start to take glucosamine for the knee recovery. I joined my first KL Towerthon 2010 in March and it was a good experience of challenging 2058 steps up to the top of the KL tower.

One week after KL Towerthon was the Energizer Night Half Marathon 2010. My knee injury occurred again during the race and this time was both knees injured. I really suffered that night by walking and slow run to complete it. After the race, I decided to get consultant from physiotherapy and the doctor confirmed that I’m diagnosed with Patella Maltrekking which leads to inflammation of my knee and muscle wasting. Therefore I’m advised not to run within 3 months and get treatment from the physio clinic.

Time flies, 3 months time is passed and I’m allowed to run again at Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2010 10km run. During the race, my left knee started with pain again. I knew that I need to slow down my pace to avoid further injury. After the run, I decided to stop racing until my knee is fully recover, but I still did some light running at the park near my house. During my off running period, I still went to support some running events which my running friends took part. I got to know Ronnie See aka PM1, captain of der Pacemakers Malaysia at the 5th Ekiden International Relay Run at Putrajaya.

In order to get a better timing in running, I started to go LSD at Bukit Aman to prepare my first run after full recovery, the PBIM 2010 half marathon. I still remembered that the weather was nice while walking to the event place. Unfortunately during the race, super heavy rain arrived and the whole environment turned from hot to cold. This was a memorable experience that having a run in the rain and I completed it in 2hrs37mins, considered my PB based on other half marathon results.

In year 2011, my main target is to complete my virgin Full Marathon. I accepted this challenge by singing up for 42km in Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2011 as my virgin FM race. I started my LSD training with Ronnie See during weekend at Bukit Aman. Of cause I couldn’t follow their elite runner pace to run but I enjoyed running with my own pace. I knew that I have to train smart in order to accomplish success in SCKLM 42km race. I have used 4 months to train up myself as I did not want to suffer and DNF during my 1st marathon. With the consistent training, guidance and running tips from Ronnie, my running skill is improved based on the timing in LSD and also adiNation Run in KLCC. Before SCKLM 2011, I did join some short races like KL City Day Run (7km), adiNation Breakfast Run (10km), KL Towerthon 2011 and New Balance 15km Run.

Just 5 days before the SCKLM 2011, I received an email from Pm1 with the title of “Welcome to Pacemakers Family”. When I saw the invitation email, I felt honored and happy (mix feeling) because I don’t know whether I am really qualify to be in Der Pacemakers Network. I took this as an encouragement for myself to get a good result in my 1st marathon in SCKLM 2011 and I successfully completed my virgin full marathon in 4’53:42.

I love Running now and I believe that humans are built for Running. Respect the distance and marathon is just a piece of cake for you. Sweat plus sacrifice will bring you in Success in any of the races. I will continue to race and encourage more of my friends to join running. Lastly I would like to express my special thanks to Ronnie See to invite me to be one of the Pacemakers family members. I will always run with the Spirit of Pia! Pain is temporary, glory is forever!!

A quote that I always keep in mind from Pm1:

“Pain is your friend, no pain no gain! And respect the TNS distance!”

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yik said...

hey,nice to meet condition is the same as u... Because my knee is still paining after running the Olympic Day Run..i supposed that the pain was accumulated after running 800m,400m in my school and afterward this olympic day run!now i cant even stand properly the glucosamine which u mentioned useful?or how exactly the time u took for fully recovery?? My name is justin XD

Kelvin Yew said...

Hello Justin, nice to knw u here too. Yes, any glucosamine of 1500mg is for ur recovery now. Try to ice ur knee, it wil help for ur recovery. Do add me in fb and I can share more info with u. Kelvin.

dannie chOOng said...

hey Kelvin, welcome to the PM family. myself been busy so seldom log-in here, just saw this. hope you'll have great fun and great improvement in your run as a Pacemakers...

Kelvin Yew said...

Thanks dannie. I know u very busy one... i will pia kao kao lat one, no worries, lol