Monday, August 22, 2011

Welcome to der Family : der Pacemakers # 36

Hi, I am KK Ling and I feel honored when I received the invitation from Captain Ronnie See, Pm1 to invite me to join the Der Pacemakers Network.

(Photo courtesy of Real Ho YuenLoong)

Here is my humble running story….

I started off my first road race in 2009 Mizuno 11KM run after one of my hiking friends asked me whether I am interested in running. This was followed by Malakoff 12KM run. I still remember that I have to walk at the middle of the uphill stretch in the two runs simply because I had running out of stamina.

Then, in the year of 2010, I signed up the Energizer 21KM, my first half marathon, as I wanted to try a longer distance running. At that time, I have no idea what LSD training is all about. I just did my running on the treadmill and weekend running at the park near my housing area. I managed to complete the run in 2 hours 16 min without walking and cramps. However, I ended up with muscles pain and soreness on the tights and calves for the next 2 days.

Feeling great and can makes new running friends, I signed up for more running in the year of 2010 like New Balance 15KM, SCKLM 21KM, Seremban 21KM and Newton 25KM. After the NB15KM run, one of my running friends (who wanted to do his first full marathon) asked us to join him and sign up the 2010 PBIM Full Marathon. Without much thinking, I signed up the PBIM Full Marathon as well.

I started my first LSD training with TSR friends at Bukit Aman not long after the NB15KM run. There are few of us, all full marathon virgins, joining the 2010 PBIM full marathon and others had signed up the 2010 SCMS full marathon. Being rookies and newbies to LSD, we all gone through all the pains and sweat during the LSD trainings. We keep motivating and encouraging each other; and slowly increase the LSD training from 20km to 35km. Fast forward, I managed to complete my first full marathon in 2010 PBIM in 5 hours 30 min. Two weeks later, I completed my second full marathon in 2010 SCMS with a slightly slower timing; 5 hours 33 min – Personal Worst! Haha...

I came to know about Ronnie See through one of the TSR friends. In the end of year 2010, I joined the KLCC Adination and trained under Ronnie See as it was nearer to my working place. From the weekly training, I have learnt about the tempo run, speed work and Fartlek. These trainings are really not easy to follow at the beginning.

To take the challenge to another level, I joined Ronnie and his PIA gang on the weekly LSD training at Bukit Aman in early of year 2011 to prepare for the Energizer Nightmare Marathon, Sundown Marathon and SCKLM. The LSD trainings were really giving me some hard time because I always ‘pancit’ in the second half of the LSD trainings; either too exhausted because run too fast at the beginning or got troubled by the side stitch. At first, I was so worried that it might affect my actual marathon run as I feel that I am not having quality LSD trainings. Anyway, Ronnie likes to tell us to ‘control & maintain running pace’ during the LSD trainings. Based on the advice, I work hard towards my own running pace.

Although I still cannot run as fast as they are but I am happy that my running has improved a lot during these periods. Thanks to the trainings, I managed to achieve sub-4.30 hours in 2011 Sundown Marathon. My biggest achievement was that I managed to run a sub-4.00 hours marathon in the recent 2011 SCKLM.

(Photo courtesy of Runevent Shots)

I would like to thank you Captain Ronnie See again, who invited me to be part of the Pacemakers family members with der Spirit of Pia!

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Tanker said...

Congratz LKK>>>>hehehe

jue said...

congrats for being part of the PIA family.

John said...

"My biggest achievement was that I managed to run a sub-4.00 hours marathon in the recent 2011 SCKLM" said the "humble story man"

Sub 4 hours means below 4 hours i.e. at least a 30 min improvement from sundown 2011. WOWWWWWWWWWW.