Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Welcome to der Family : der Pacemakers # 73

Who would ever think of, this inactive little girl who only sits in front of a screen here would one day become an active runner? Neither myself nor my family members.

In the early year of 2010, I started running, or perhaps, just jogging leisurely (<2km) every early morning just to maintain a certain level of fitness as I am always falling ill. Few months later, a friend asked me whether I am interested to join 10km fun run or not? With much hesitation, I’ve decided to give it a shot, 10km in Energizer Night Race 2010. I managed to complete it safely without much proper preparation, reached the finishing line at 1hour13mins (Slow! I know!). After this race, I’ve tried to join more as I am totally hooked by this feeling of running in the race. Despite of the knee injury, I never wanted to stop myself from running. It eventually ended up getting really serious until I DNF (first time got on the ambulance!) for Shape Night Run’10, and DNF the whole team for NPAR6 (Guilty ‘til the maximum!). In the end, I need to stop myself from running, that’s really suffering and finally able to back in action after 3 months. Running on and off during this period.

Ever since I knew more regular runners in the early year of 2011, I came to know about adiNation of Runners KLCC through some of my friends. As I was working part time at KLCC, I joined the aNR KLCC in mid March. That will be the first time I officially met Captain Ronnie. Frankly speaking, I was quite afraid to see him from the beginning because every time also wants people to Pia (Aiyo! So suffering lah!). Few months later, I am still the slowest among all. (Pity me!) Anyway, thanks to Captain’s guidance, I am able to improve. But No thanks to captain for the NO PAIN NO GAIN concept. (haha..)

Since I’ve been running for a year, I decided to take a step further, upgrading myself to run a Half Marathon. Without knowing how suffer I will get running without training LSD, I’ve singed myself up for Energizer Night”mare” 21km fun run, suffered it through, came back in pain with a turtle timing of 2hour48mins. Life goes on! Continue covering up almost all the races available in KL, and I am glad that I’ve got the chance to enjoy something different, running for mixed relay in PD International Triathlon in July. I focused on short distance training for the whole July just to achieve the target set by my teammate, Hooi, luckily I was able to achieve it.

After the peak month of June and July, finally it is a month without much running events. Yes! At last I got the chance to join the LSD training after the week of PAR7. Of course, I will not be able to join the crazy F1 level LSD. I ran with Stanley, who willing to pace me (Kamsiah and very Kamtung!) and able to achieve my PB. I am happy to have such improvement. Although I am still not running as fast as any others, but I will continue with my journey, hopefully can improve more in near future, achieve more PBs in the upcoming races.

I was actually shocked when I was actually got invited to join this PIA family! Is my brain still not functioning well in the morning that day? Even until now, I am still thinking it’s kind of unbelievable. (LOL!) Hereby, I would like to express my gratitude to Captain PM1 Ronnie See for the invitation. It is a great honor for me to join this PIA family here. Thank you! Kamsiah! All th brothers sisters, please do take care of me, don’t bully me oh! Haha..

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Lai Fong Sang said...

Congratulations to Chia Ee for being invited to the family of PIA! Practice made perfect, you will be able to achieve greater improvement should you maintain consistence and regular training. Keep up your good work!

Weng Woo said...

makai u,, no talk about WW1 geh ? no good lar..

kkm said...

LFS : THANK YOU! haha! :P Need to train harder la!

WW : Only few person knew before this :P sorry ya!