Thursday, October 20, 2011

Welcome to der Family : der Pacemakers # 14

Yoyo~ i'm Kahwai.LOW an Amateur Barefooter~

i begin join running since the "90th"(1995 if i'm not mistaken)...which's my Secondary school time... by joinning FTAAA Runs, such as Larian Aman/BeritaHarian Run/The MalayMail Big Walk...etc. Most of the Run..are less than 10km + Student price(Rm 5 only for Registration)... and i didn't take it seriously...coz i'm an Otaku宅男
.. i take it as Fun Run.... run walk run and never thinking to Run a Medals.. =_=!

after completing Form 5...i didn't participant any Run...anymore, and started running at Parks which's "Permaisuri Lake Park"... i only managed to finish non-stop 3Loop(1.3km_Lake Route)..and slowly increase to 8Loops.. MAXimum! Damn Slow too.. with Barefoot ING~

In year 2009 by Chance somehow i met Loh Wing Keen.. and he bringing me & introduce to the "Permaisuri Runners" a Big Family^^ early of the 2010... which i starting join aNR Permaisuri Group.. from that time..i purposely go buy a Running Shoes "NB" Rm186(my most Expensive shoes i ever brought!)..and so..on... keep learning bout "RUNNING"....little by little... my 1st Serious Run is 8.4km(4.2km x2loop) at aNR.. every Friday... and pace by Loh.. my timing is 52minute~ after the run...i Feel Blur both hand feel Freezing! it's take bout an hour..back to normal, this kind of Feeling keep continue bout 2 to 3 month..

Bareno2010 was my 1st Running Event that i go as "KahwaiGallery"... i feel the "Heat" from the Runners yet i only snap their photos. i felt so EXCITER! and Saw their Facial expression... PRICELESS Moment!.... my feet are getting itchy..lolz

after few week... i start follow Loh...go for LSD at BukitAman. And from there i 1st time knew bout the existence of "Pacemaker Runners"..which always Running in a Group(Fast) and kept Record Timing! told by Loh~~ from that moment i learned bout the Word... "Pace"... and "der spirit of PIA"......*somehow i Feel so Far far alway with the word "PIA"..

SCKLM2010 10km men Open...was my 1st Officially Run! i'm back to the "Dataran"..since my Secondary school time....^^ and this time...i will not do "Fun Run(run walk run)" again~ I keep running non-stop except for waterStation....almost 1km from the Finish line.. i increase my pace... or better known as "PIA ing"... it was easy for me at all... my heart beating fast + Breathless.. and my timing is 59minute^^ from that day..i only know what the meaning of "Sub 1"~

PAR6 was my 1st time approaching "RELAY Run"! but i go as "KahwaiGallery".. during the shooting... i was "Fired UP" their PIA spirit!!! i felt exciting yet also the same time.. coz i'm not a Fast runner...=_=! after the race.. i get to knowing Ronnie See...through my Photography..

So on..i kept running training and Register races such as Siemen2010...BHP OrangeRun(my Favorite run!)...
NEWTON 25KM(as illegal runner)my 1st time officially met Sifu Ronnie & Yum K.K.. Glad knowing the "Big" guys^^,for the race.. it's was my Worst performance ever.. and Spirit Broken! bcoz the last 12km (U-turn point) i started to damn K.O! finished with 3hr 01minute(if not mistaken). *at the beginning i treat it as my training for my 1st HalfMarathon PBIM2010 21km Mens Open.
since the Newton25km run.. i starting to feel little improvement~
and i kept training for my 1st HalfMarathon PBIM2010..

For PBIM2010 my Virgin HalfMarathon.. i running liked usual.. but after 12km.. the sky start raining(Light) and i Felt so Good..very nice weather for long run.. yet it become heavy and heavy, i feel that running under the rain is nice but when it come the HEAVY Rain.. it totally different story! coz i hard to breath!!! somemore the shoes is complete WET! really not smooth while running.. yet i keep running till the Finishing line.. with in 2hr(sub2)... but my foot is injured! Pain..pain...arrived ~ the rain still HEAVY... i jus had a few isotonic drinks and started to walk back to the hotel..on the way back.. i met Adam Loh which also a PACEMAKER.. we chat..all the way back.. he also staying at the same hotel..^^ we walk & Talk bout 1km... and my Breathing still feel HARD & Uneasy..

After the PBIM2010... i starting to do more LSD..weekly... so that i can go for my 1st FULL Marathon and Broke my virgin..yeah!!!.. actually i was worry too.. coz not a 21km... i kept worrying =_=! i try to do more LSD i can @... BA <-> Hartamas.... Permaisuri Lake Garden.... Putrajaya.. and HalfMarathon such as Bareno2011(PB) & Energizer Nite Run2011.. during the LSD i met SH Foo... a Great Pacer!

Finally...SCKLM arrived, Luckily i managed to get Sifu Foo(Sh foo) to pace with me all the way.. He truely a great Sifu/Pacer.. some more giving me Encourage + Support even offer me his PowerGel during the Full Marathon.. and walk with me..too! actually i was in Pain since 15km.. yet i keep follow Sifu Foo at the back.. totally i ate 2 pack of PowerGel(i ate 1st PowerGel at 15km(bring by myself) + 30km 1 PowerGel(Event))......we try to be in the "SCKLM Pacer(Loh & Malcalm) radar".. then..i really glad arriving at BA.. felt so Familiar.. but i feel liked wanna cramp at 38km.. and i start to walk... till next water station.. to drink with 1pack of "ORS"(a great tips from Shirley sohg jie jie)^^... slowly regain my strength.. i starting to run...back!..and the more closer the Finishing line..the more i push my pace!!!!... Finally..i saw so many Cheering & Crowded for us! i kept increasing my pace.. till i saw the finishing line....i start slowing down for Photo-thon.. by Master Tey, Sakura-san, Mr Chan Wk, Kenny Foo bro, Victor bro etc.. i'm Crossing...the FINISH LINE!!! with GRATEFUL and PAIN!...timing 04:51:12.... didn't expect to be this nice time! i'm Really Glad for my 1st Full Marathon!

i'm on HoneyMoon^^ mood.. coz..i didn't register much run.. but i run for...NTV7.. McD... BHP Orange Run(my Favorite run ever)... aNR Break1st Run....and 1st time run Relay(PAR7).
Pacemaker Anniversary Run2011(PAR7)... i go as Runner yet also "kahwaiGallery".. really can't just be a runner for such a "PIA" race.... i like to snap "Priceless Moment" i decided to support as a Photographer too, eventhough this year got Lots of Professional Photographer..yet.. i still gonna snap it^^ till it's my Turn to run!.. i glad that i got assist from Yuki yuki(now officially my kahwaigallery assistant). 10minutes before my turn.. i let my assistant Yuki yuki to cover the Shoot for me.. and i start warming up... and feel scary at the same time =_=!! finally sifu(Simon Chu) arrived! and i take the Baton from him..and start running.... feel breathless and stitches pain..all along the run!..i try and try... not to stopped.. and i finish it....after all.. glad~

"der PIA Spirit" really Challenging! sometime... i can feel the WIND..while i PIA ing~^^

brought 2u by PM14 @ Kahwai

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kw gallery said...

Kamsiah & Kamtung.. Sifu Ronnie^^

really glad to be in the Big FAMILY.. i still felt liked


dannie chOOng said...

Welcome to the Pacemakers Family !!!

kw gallery said...

Thanks 7 Glad for the Welcomed^^ Dannie bro~

John said...

Actually, I don't understand what the fler wrote but he look like a very happy runner - thats all it really matters.

kw gallery said...

TQ mr John^^