Thursday, November 24, 2011

My Half Marathon for 2011

Ayam very der happy, this year manage to complete 6 half marathon and a personal breast at CICM Responsible Run. Next year I want to crack down below 1'30 liao, I know is not easy potato. But I will try my breast, bcoz I always hv der Spirit of Pia wit me!

Want to Win Must Pia kau-kau lat!

Bareno Half Marathon - 1h 35.51s (16th)

Wasted 1 mins for pit stop. Der route cinya hilly like kok, not easy to PB.

Bidor Half Marathon - 1h 37.24s (10th)

Not fully recover from my Amkan Energizer Marathon, cinya tired condition.. lucky made it into top 10.

Putrajaya Night Half Marathon - 1h 37.09s (16th)

Run at hot n humid condition. Cinya pressure, Zishen chasing from behind.

PJ Half Marathon - 1h 32.46s (21st)

Roasted like Barbecue!
Again, cinya pressure, Zishen, Siah Leong Hooi & Raymond Ng chasing from behind.

CICM Responsible Half Marathon - 1h 31.23s (8th)

Again n again, cinya pressure, Zishen chasing from behind :P


Penang Bridge International Half Marathon - 1h 36.10s (34th)

Pia in weak condition, almost want to vomit liao. Glad I made it to finishing line.

brought 2u by pm1

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