Thursday, November 03, 2011

Professor Datuk Yaziz @ BMW Frankfurt Marathon 2011

 After finish happy like kok nia

 ASICS booth

 BMW title sponsor

 Boarding Pass liao

 Breakfast over Europe

 Briefing Pretzel 5km Breakfast Run on Saturday

 Can take tram from Jinjang to start line nia

 Collected bib kan cheong ma

 Energy golden eggs, free bag & medal liao

Finish line on red carpet 

 Flight filled mostly with Germans

 Frankfurt am Main


 Hard earned ponya medal

 Infront SPORTSTADT Frankfurt am Main

 Pretzel Breakfast 5km Run on Saturday

 Ryan Teoh favourites

Ryan Teoh ponya uncle lepak at start line 

 Start line

Train from Jinjang to Frankfurt am Main

brought 2u by Professor Datuk Yaziz @ PM7

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