Thursday, January 19, 2012

Welcome to der Family : der Pacemakers # 64

Hi, I think most of PM members would have know me, I have joined every single race that Pacemakers organized, you just name it. PM Network Run 1 Jan 2009, Der Wild Wild Run 8 March 2009, great experience running in Zoo Negara, surrounding with cow ‘perfume’..haha…, all 3 PM Circuit Run on 1 May 09, 23 May 09 & 13 June 09, PM Network Run 1 Jan 2010 and latest one PM Anniversary Run 14 August 2011.

Actually, got offer from the PM Captain, Ronnie See to join this great PIA UNTIL WHITE VOMIT OUT (borrowing Captain Ronnie trademark) family since last 2 year!! OMG, what a long time, right after successful…Penang Round The Island Relay 2010, really like the spirit of sportsman and pia like no tomorrow..experience that we cannot buy!! Love u guys… and he said I have to write down about myself in English, lucky not in Chinese or Arabic.

Ok, I’m running since 1988, secondry school..form 3..that time just join track & field, and slowly join road first half marathon on 4 Sept 1992, Terengganu Int’l Bridge Run..i’m clocking 1h 30.56, and my first marathon, MAS Int’l Marathon on 2 Oct 1994…cannot find any info or certificate about my maiden marathon, I think 4h ++, until now already running 15 marathon..with PB at KL Int’l Marathon, 16 Feb 2003..2h 56:45….when I was…haha, recently my timing for marathon course around 3:15 – 3:30..

Last year was a crazy year for me…I’m participate in 6 marathon, and really enjoyed myself as a pacer for sub 3:30 @ SCKLM…great experience when you’re running for someone else, got to control pace all the way & give support to others runner as well..not a easy task especially after 30km mark. Thanks Ronnie for giving me that opportunity!!

When I’m not participate in race…I really enjoyed support other runners by snap their action, lots of pia face in my FB account..Rozmi Yunus..
Ok, I think that all….i’m 39th this year….running life begin at 40th..i’m looking for podium next year, more info about my race, feel free to visit my blog, and I would like to say thanks to my sponsor, Brooks Malaysia.. since 2004..orait, see u in next race..bye..

Rozmi Yunus @ PM64

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jue said...

short and sweet report. ya . .. great following behind you during the round the island relay. heart almost want to come out seeing running chasing from behind.

aahhhh. . . and love those photos taken by you also. keep running and keep inspiring the young runners.