Monday, January 30, 2012

Welcome to der Family : der Pacemakers # 74 (Sharon Chow)

Hello, I’m Sharon Chow from Makai Club. First of all I would like to thanks Ronnie See for inviting me to join this PIA’ing family and it’s a great honor. I think I’m the one who can’t really PIA kau2 lat like other PM here.

Before I got hooked up in running, I love trekking and yoga. I remembered that one of my makai brothers asked me join the KL Towerthon in year 2009. This is my first time “tasting” what it like is to run on staircases. Since this is my first, it was a great experience whereby I even have to slog through to the tower entrance and lastly not forgetting the staircase!!

After the “staircases’ experience, I went to join SCKLM 2009 after much persuasion from my makai brother. It’s like a no ending finishing point even though it’s only 5km. But that doesn’t stop me from quitting. I started training normally at Permaisuri Park and ready for more challenging runs like Mizuno 11km, Salomon X Trail Run 10km and Malakoff 12km KL in 2009. Seriously, I have never thought I would have come this far (in running) because during my school days, I don’t even know what is “running” ha-ha... Now, I love the sweats

Runs after runs, race after race, I’m beginning to like the sweats and the satisfaction of finishing the race. From runs and race, I’ve known a lot of friends from the same circle of interest and have been enjoying the companionship, the joy and laughter and the most important - makanthon and photothon with all my friends whether new or old, young or even old (I know some of you keep denying you are old..) ha-ha..

Beginning 2010, a greater challenge lies ahead. Our makai brother Weng Woo aka “mata” keep persuading me to take up more challenging long distance race. Even though he always ka ka ciao ciao but he always pong chan one.  So I took up the challenge. The NB 30km 2010 but honestly I only registered to complete 20km in 2hrs 20mins and I thought this would be my last race (very the sanfu leh). Mata Weng Woo (also can be called as run addict, lol) was so persistent and keep ka ka ciao ciao me and I end up joining my very first 21km in Putrajaya Night Run 2010. This race was a heavy one because of the humidity weather and I have to walk and run for the last 7km. At the end, I managed to finish in 2hrs 51mins. From this experience, I train harder to improve myself.

With training at the usual place (almost every day), Permaisuri Park, I got to know more friends and one of them is captain Loh Wing Keen. He invited me to join the aNR training every Friday 6.30pm and LSD at Bukit Aman. Only then, I got to know what LSD is... ha-ha... Mr. Loh is a kind guy, he likes to share his running experience and I learned a lot of good stuff from him. He’s the one who encourage me to take up my 2nd half marathon (SCKLM 2010) and I managed to improve my performance and managed it in 2hrs 23mins.

Then a so called “disaster” happened to me. My body was totally out of performance that I can’t even run for 1 km. This is when I came back from my Nepal-Annapurna Base Camp trekking. Suffer for 9 solid months (Nov’10 till July’11) and that moment I’m really (really) depressed and almost giving up on sports. Then my heroes from Makai’s, Permai’s, PM’s and TSR friends came to support and encourage me to stand (run) on my feet again. From this, I know the friendship has grown into a family which I appreciate a lot.

I’m really glad that I have known a lot of friends from Permaisuri, Pacemaker and TSR. I can say that most of them if not all, are so helpful and kind to share their experiences, learning’s and many more.

Thanks for being my best sisters and brothers. I’m glad and honored to be in “Der Spirit of PIA” family… Wish that we will keep on happy running. 

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