Friday, January 20, 2012

Welcome to der Family : der Pacemakers # 82

I have been running actively since 2006 being a regular runner in Taman Tasik Permaisuri, Cheras. For me running is a form of exercise to keep fit and loose weight, So much so that I was unaware at how devoted I am as a runner. My first road race was the "Mizuno wave run 2007".The distance was 10km. It is my first long run. 6 months later I did my First full marathon, Teng Chin Fatt was my training buddy for my first marathon, the Ambank KL Marathon 2008".

For the race I came in at 5:03, and got my first 42km medal, a Bandaraya finisher tee and an ITB as well. Of course I really enjoyed the run. Now that I know that running a marathon is not that a difficult task. The most difficult part is the training. Once you sign up, you will have the commitment to train and learn to respect the run. I have done 14 marathons to date. My PB is 4:01. In the SCKLM 2010, and repeated in the 2011 SCKLM. I also had a chance to become a marathon 5 hours pacer recently. The challenging part of a pacer is you are not allowed to run your own pace. Me and Malcom came back on a time of 4:55. Our job completed.

I got to know Pacemakers from my friend, Ronnie See who is the Captain of the team, My first Pacemakers Event was the PAR4 2008. I still remember the "medal of Pia". So memorable. At the same time I got to know one of my idols. Mr Lai Fong Sang, PM38. He shared a lot of running tips with me. I have been running in so many races these past few years that I can’t remember them all. But i enjoyed every race.

In 2011 we started to develop the adiNation of runners program ( By Adidas ). Now the adiNation program in Permaisuri have been very encouraging. The numbers of new runners signing up are increasing. Training in a group is much more fun compared to running individually.

It makes me push harder to keep pace with the other runners. Try to keep pace with the group chitchatting along the way. You won’t realize how far or how fast you are going. Although you will feel tired or pumcit later, the sweat, the smells, and sometimes the steam, when mix together, equals Satisfaction.

I want to thanks captain ronnie see invite me to join his pia family, Happy Chinese new year to all of you n "gong xi fatt Chai"

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Loh Wing Keen @ PM82

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jue said...

wait till really long like ziraffe neck. congrats for being a member of the PIA family.