Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Welcome to der Family : der Pacemakers # 45 (Fabio Lee)

Why fall in love with running:
Healthy, clear mind and enjoy the satisfaction of finishing a race.

Why do I run:
In fact, I have been running during weekend all the while, but it is only less than 5km. During that time, I simply run because of boring and to maintain a healthy body.

I still remember some friends did invite me to take part in a race previously, but I always reject them. I totally cannot think of any reason to waste money on a race.

Recently, I work from a low salary and high interest job, slowly changed to a high salary and low interest job, not much honor leave from my work.

In 2009, when I start to take part in race, the honor feeling of stand a chance to win on the podium finishing slowly come out from my mind. If I train hard, I feel like I really can do it. Now, I run because of honor.

Running background:
I did some short run (100m, 200m) during primary school, not outstanding. I start to train for medium long run (1500m, 5000m) during secondary school, the result is normal.

During university time, I only did some slow jog. I stop run after graduation, on March 2009 I finally start back my running journey and take part on several races actively.

Why Pacemakers:
I start to notice http://pm1.blogspot.com/ after few months serious running. The captain - Ronnie See ran a 1:34 half marathon at PBIM2009, where I only did 1:55. This made me start to set him as my idol.

In 2010, Ronnie is a pacer for SCKLM2010 and he did his LSD training at Bukit Aman. I always want to follow his training, but I know I haven't reached his level, not dare to join in yet.

Finally in 2011, I stand a chance to follow Ronnie's LSD training. It is such an honor and I finally see with my own eye on how stable Ronnie is on controlling pace with negative splits.

That was my best period to feel the wind, and I totally agree with the spirit of "no pain, no gain".
In 2012, another surprise from Ronnie again, I have been assigned a PM's number. It is such a great honor to join Pacemakers, and I wish to pia as much as possible with the team.

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