Friday, March 09, 2012

Welcome to der Family : der Pacemakers #26 (Alvin Yap)

Hello to all PM and friends. It’s always hard for me to start up with a sentence follow up by a body that hopefully will keep people awake while reading it. I hope this write up doesn’t put you to sleep :) It really came a surprise to me when Captain Ronnie e-meow the invitation to me. It’s really an honour to be invited into the PM family aka PIA family. Thank you.

Brief intro, I’m Alvin Yap from the place where is famous for Bah Kut Teh. I’m married with 2 young kids; girl is 10yrs old and boy is 4yrs old. Apart from running, I love to hike as well. Unfortunately time was not always in the favour; therefore hiking was way far from reach now. Like most family man, I have to juggle life with a job and family. I hardly have time to breathe, much less exercise and keep to a healthy diet. I used to weight 83kg at one point of my life after joining an established alcoholic company where they have plenty of free beers (and yes, you can drink like nobody business). As you can see, this is the result for making a beer belly (anyone would like to have one? You know where to find me... Lol) However the result of a disastrous medical report have force me to prioritize my time on health related issue.

Running at that time was not my preferred choice (actually I’ve been telling myself and others, why on earth that these runners like to run as they have nothing better to do); but now I kena telan secukup-cukup of what I have said before, haha.. It is actually Dinesh Kumaran (DK), who is the one that dragged me into running. He has shown his result for losing weights and that makes me keen into running :)

I remembered, 200 meters was my very 1st so call run around a small park. Being not exercise for donkey years, this 200 meter made me suffered like hell. But I didn’t give up and eventually I signed up for my 1st 10km race, which is the Men’s Health Night Run 2008 (co-incidentally, 1st event for Men’s Health as well). Since then, this event has become my annual event. In the following year, I start racing in SCKLM 2009 (my 1st international event), SCKLM 2010 and SCKLM 2011. 10km was still my preferred choice, but not in 2012 as I’m looking forward for the full marathon.

SCSM 2010 was my 1st half marathon. At that time, I really have no idea how to get myself prepared. As a preparation, I remembered DK charted a 15km route as training ground for me and that was my longest (separuh mati) run ever at that time. I’ve learned a lot about LSD, speed work and etc from him as well and I participated in many local and overseas running events. Since then, I’ve built my self-confidence to run more races and 2011 was my busiest running year.

PBIM 2011 was my 1st virgin marathon. I am lying if I said that I’m not kan cheong at all. With all the training and support from my running buddies, it really helps me to complete the race. Through running, I‘ve known a lot friends especially from Klang Pacers, Permaisuri and of course Der Pacemakers as well, who has been very supportive in my running life. I would like to say a big thank you to everyone here.

I’m looking forward to see everyone PIA-ing not only on the road but in whatever you aimed for in your life :)

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