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Welcome to der Family : der Pacemakers # 76

Carol Tan Running Report

Hi everyone, I’m Carol aka Carrot Tan or Lobak Tao which means carrot head. That’s what most of my running buddies call me. Haha. Firstly I would like to thank Captain Ronnie for inviting me to PIA family! I was of course shocked to see the invitation. This report will be written in English as I’m half banana (can speak, cant write) XD. Basically I love sports. My 2 main sports are running and badminton. I actually started running since 14 years old. I first ran around 2 to 3km outside my old housing area in Bandar Puchong Jaya alone. I didn’t know why I did that but the feeling of running feels good. Then one of the teacher in charge of selecting students to represent school for MSSD (Zon Subang to Daerah Petaling), spotted me. From there I started running Merentas Desa MSSD and track and field. I joined the athletics club since 14 years old. However I only managed to secure myself into MSSD, not even to MSSS in 200m and 800m. Was disappointed but I did not give up for Kejohanan Merentas Desa MSSD. Won 2nd placing for girls team and 19th placing for individual. That was the best moment in my high school running. I first joined a community race at IOI community run on 2006, did 5.5km, was quite struggling for me, I always ended up with muscle sore.

I stopped running during my college foundation time when I was 18 till 19. After that, I started joining back races and ran SCKLM 10km, KOTR 11km, etc. I decided to start back running as I don't feel healthy without exercising. I also decided to join the badminton club training every Tuesday and Thursday, with all my patience and effort, I'm now able to compete with state players and other college players, managed to master all the badminton skills. I started badminton since young too, but that time..haha..just played outside my house with my sister, using rm20 racquet and plastic shuttlecock, won prizes during high school time too, although I'm still not that good yet compared to now.

On 2010, I joined Adination KLCC, Adination Bukit Jalil and Adination Permaisuri. I first ran myself at Bukit Jalil on 2010 where I didn't know that there are a group of runners running together. Upon looking on their determination in training, I secretly trained myself and tried to follow them from behind. As Bukit Jalil has quite a number of hills and slopes *better than Newton hehe*, I always face difficulties in running up the steepest slope, always out of breath, always have to stop halfway, then continue running again. I only managed to run 1 loop in Bukit Jalil last time(close to 4km), now 2-3 loops in 6:00 pace or under with lots of hills and stairs, without tiredness. There's also where I received my first adination vest.

Whereas for Adination KLCC, I was introduced to this group by a few Permaisuri runners, decided to join their training. There's also where I first joined their speed work after high school speedwork. The track is nice to run. It's always the usual 5 loops where I only managed to complete 5 loops(1 loop=1.3km) in more than 45 minutes. That's 6.5km in 45 minutes. My PB for 5 loops is less than 32 minutes now. Would like to thank all the runners there for guiding me to be faster. Lai Fong Sang and Sze Yung Hui, especially. Even when it's raining there, I'll still make through all the way there just to run a few loops, sounds insane but that's when I really enjoyed it. Now I'm unable to join KLCC training as much as last time as my classes were scheduled until 6pm on Thursdays, and I cannot miss my badminton training on Thursday too. Only able to join one or 2 days during my semester break or long holidays.

My first time running at Permaisuri Park, I felt that Bukit Jalil is more challenging. Haha. It's nice to run there as well, but I felt is abit too crowded with in small lanes. I joined their breakfast run as well, enjoyed with everyone. There was once when there was photography session with all the TTP runners, and that is also the day I first decided to change my worn out reebok shoes to new adistar ride shoe which cost me rm380++ after discount from ori price Rm400++.

My first 10km in SCKLM was on 28 June 2009 where my timing was 1:21:39 with position 444. Timing gradually increased by 5 minutes on SCKLM 2010 with 1:15:03. On 2011, I decided to register for my first official first Half Marathon on SCKLM, I made it in 2:20:45. Am very happy as I made it with with all the effortless LSD Bukit Aman training. That is my first time ran 21km without walking.

I may not have done FM or Ultra yet. As my limits are still stuck on HM. Would love to do FM someday when I have the time to train for it. Right now when I still have chance to represent my college in badminton, would want to continue doing it until the first sem of my final year before I start to get busy. Then break until I finished my studies, then I can concentrate more on running and train for my first FM. I prefer to be a social runner and take things slowly as I'm still young and explore more opportunities around me. I will still enjoy and at the same time push myself.

Thank you everyone for guiding me. Without you all I wouldn’t be able to make it today J. Will continue to strive for the best I can! I have created a video that contains all my running stories in my life..hope you all enjoy watching it and thank you once again ^.^

Carol Tan Khai Jou @ PM76
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