Saturday, October 27, 2012

Welcome to der Family's : der Pacemakers # 86

Liew Ky Running Report

Just a simple running report for my life and want to share with yours. Before slop in my report, thanks to Ronnie See invited me join this PIA family (der Pacemakers) as Pm86. I’m just a normal jogger at permaisuri park while haven’t meet Kah Wai with around 30 to 45min jogging every evening alone. Running life started from May 2010 while Kah Wai approach me to join ‘Permaisuri Runners’ family, this family what I said is quite much runners in this group no matter old or young runners, then I meet Loh Wing Keen as a leader for adiNation group and group run on every Friday around 8km. I learned some running programs from them like interval speed, tempo run, LSD and etc.

Start to join running event and my first event SCKLM 2010 in 10km men open with timing 57min more. After finished the race, I waiting our family members back from Full Marathlon, then I start fall in heart in FM. FM is not to define whose is running fast, is depend on your spirit want to step at the finish line and complete the race, that is what I concern. Set my first virgin FM at PBIM 2010 with below 4hrs, that is many runners hope can do it in sub 4, unfortunately this dream was broken while obtain 4hrs 12min, I experience leg cramp (push to limit)in FM while haven’t happen in my running program, then I learn control my pace for my next race. Beside that , thanks again Ronnie See recommend me as a FM pacers for SCKLM 2012, very excited to completed the job in 4:30 consistant pace with Jeff & Fabio.

I had set some ambitions in my running life, which:
1) FM timing below 3:30,
2) HM timing below 1:30,
3) Consistant pace below 4min per km.

Learn some program from Tang Yew Choy and train speedwork at Kampung Pandan Track. In this track, we coach by Chris Yee with different program every Tuesday & Thursday. Is a good evidence to prove that nothing is impossible, depend on your mind set. I know I can achieve what I set in one day.

Nice to meet you alls and proud join to this big group (Pacemakers), let the sound PIA, PIA, PIA keeping in our running life

Brought 2u by PM86
Liew Kim Yoong
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