Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Welcome to der Family - der Pacemakers # 87

I want to share my running report. From primary school, I like to run, but not outstanding. Secondary school is in love with running, rehearsing become Sprint's state representatives. After graduation, no contact running activities until June 2008 by the forum know that outdoor running race, I decided to contact back running again, I was completely not the expected long-distance running.

Remember the first game McD 7km run I spent nearly 70min time to finished and Medals also only 30, Siemen 10km Run Medals again is only 60 with bad timing. After injury, stopped running for a few months, I thought I really can rerun down ... Long distance is completely impossible for me, my heart may still remain in the middle school.

In 2009 to know PACEMAKERS, often will pay attention to http://pm1.blogspot.com, very much hope to be able to join them to practice and see if I can steal from learned some skills. I participated in PACEMAKERS Circuit held the Run 1 & 2 & 3, completed trophy has been placed in the living room. PACEMAKERS I feel is a very explosive, energetic cooperation team, to prepare for every thing very thoughtful.

I finally searched all running information, has been to participate in the competition, but do not know what i want, no goals for the games. Since that run fast, finish the course to meet, will not really set a goal, it will not practice the skills, also often give up in the second half.

This year, I changed the idea, because I know still got the way can faster, bold and try a variety of different training, set a target to break. Willing to fight, the podium is definitely yours! You can sweat to fight, in order to complete the fight for medals and fight for the trophy , fight for the prize, as long as you are willing to order time under point effort, you want to get definitely not a dream.

Roughly the best results. This is my dream.
5km – 21min (Goal: 20min, 4:00/km)
10km – 43min (Goal: 42min, 4:12/km)
21km – 1:36 hours (Goal: 1:32, 4:21/km)
42km – 4:00 hours (Goal: 3:30, 4:57/km)

Thanks Ronnie(PM1) for inviting me to join Pacemakers Family, I liked the phrase "Der Spirit Of PIA”!

Brought 2u by Goh Shu Wei @ PM87
Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/goh.shuwei

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