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Welcome to der Familly - der Pacemakers # 25

Hi everyone, Good day to you all!

I'm Michael Wong. IPOH is my hometown.

Well, actually I started to get into running field is in 1997 which I was FORM TWO in that time. One of my classmates told me and my other friends that there will be an event is going to take place, namely IPOH INTERNATIONAL HALF MARATHON (currently re-named as IPOH INTERNATIONAL RUN). Without thinking much, we registered 10KM in the said race. Recall back, I was not well prepared for it, so not surprisingly that I walked and ran, walked and ran to complete the race!
Since 1997, I was continuously joining the race even I went to Malacca to further my tertiary studies. Sad to say, year after year, my group of friends to join the race was in negative mode (like countdown...); 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1.... Nevertheless, I still join the race till now.
Actually, during that time, race that I know was just the IPOH INTERNATIONAL HALF MARATHON. Therefore, I only managed to join a race in a year.
With the emergence of Facebook, I only notice that there are plenty of races in other places, BIDOR HALF MARATHON, KOTR etc...
KOTR is my first race that I joined beyond IPOH race. I still remembered, I came down to KL from Ipoh by bus; and stayed in my friend house to participate the race in Shah Alam. Really wish to thanks to him and appreciated him as he did not join the race but fetch me to attend the race...
After the race, I got to know few running kaki like Victor Chong, Seven Chau Kok Yik etc....
And my life of running also evolves.
Perhaps the fate...timing...GOD's arrangement, few months after KOTR, I have been asked to transfer to Klang Valley based in Bandar Puteri Puchong.
And from here, I started to join all the races in Klang Valley...Like Mizuno Wave Run, Malakoff 12KM, Kelab Penembak Diraja Klang Run etc

And my linsi face also started to appear in the races in Klang Valley…

SCKLM is a big local race in Malaysia. And it also my significant race since 2009. In 2009, I just managed to join 21KM and completed it at 2:18:20…Believe it or not, this is fact…

I started to join FULL marathon in 2010. Below are full marathon events that I joined: 

1. [1]Putrajaya Night Marathon 2010 - 4 hrs 42 mins 11 secs
2. [2]Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2010 - 3 hrs 40 mins 20 secs
3. [3]Penang Bridge International Marathon 2010 - 4 hrs 36 mins 24 secs
4. [4]SC Singapore Marathon 2010 - 3 hrs 32 mins 59 secs

[42KM 2011]:

5. [1]Energizer Night Race 2011 - 4 hrs 20 mins 07 secs
6. [2]Borneo International Marathon 2011 - 4 hrs 17 mins 23 secs
7. [3]Sundown Marathon 2011 - 4 hrs04 mins 45 secs
8. [4]Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2011 - 3 hrs 39 mins 34 secs
9. [5]Putrajaya Night Marathon 2011 - 4 hrs 46 mins 54 secs
10. [6]Penang Bridge International Marathon 2911 - 4 hrs 29 mins 27 secs
11. [7]Std. Chartered Singapore Marathon 2011 - 4 hrs 31 mins 25 secs

[42KM 2012]
12. [1]Std. Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2012 - 4 hrs 49 mins 33 secs
13. [2]Energizer Night Race 2012 - 4 hrs 54 mins 20 secs but I did an extra 1 loop, so total distance I ran was approx. 49KM
14. [3]Singapore Sundown Marathon 2012 - 3 hrs 53 mins 25 secs
15. [4]SC KL Marathon 2012 - 3 hrs 30 mins 58 secs
16. [5]Taiping International Marathon 2012 - 3 hrs 43mins 35 secs
17. [6]Putrajaya Night Marathon 2012 - 4 hrs 06 mins 22 secs
18. [7]Penang Bridge International Marathon 2012 - 3 hrs 57 mins 28 secs
19. [8]Macau Galaxy Entertainment International Marathon 2012 - 3 hrs 51 mins 57 secs 

I always remind myself that, running is NO short cut, which need to train before join the race. Berapa XU we are going to wear…how many packets of gel we take….how high-tech of the running shoes is….IF we no training and join the race, please don’t hope that we can achieve good timing! 

Above mentioned tools, are things that enhance our performances IF we really well prepared. Therefore, till now, I no wear berapa XU…lolx

Last but not least, I would like to appreciate and thanks to Ronnie for inviting to the family…

Terima Kasih…Terima Kasih…Terima Kasih…

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