Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Welcome to the family : der PaceMaker #81

Dear all,

I still remember the first sport I touch is cycling and the next is badminton, now is running. I never though I’ll addicted in running. I not the kind love to sporty act. All the sport thing is my bro teach me. The first sport I like is badminton. He always play with me started from I am a dummy until I representative my secondary school in women double category and I got the copper medal. J

Then duno start from when he like to running (but confirm is in year 2005, mean my running life also start from 2005). U know, almost all girl scared to become chubby, same as me. That’s y I joined him to jog. Is need patient to jog with a beginner like me. I was slower and I am a girl, is really need enough of passion for men to pace with a girl especially when I was a beginner. Thanks he never give up on me. I never told him, u inspired me. J

Assure I won’t forget my hometown uncles and aunties. They all are my good pacer. They always ran with me and lead me the about running technique (u know, foundation is quite important). Is them jio my bro n me to participated the running race. And luckily I still catch up with contribution to my green team in 1500m game and get gold medal when I was form 5(cos last year in my secondary school). 

Sometimes I will fell sorry for the crippled. Thanks god and my parent I have limbs and healthiness. It is a gift, for me is wasted if not use it to running. My parent, I know the cockles of their heart they are proud of me and my bro in running things. Because of them our three siblings is growing up in healthy, although they are busy but never skip to prepared breakfast for us everyday especially my father. He is carpenter and he specially doin a simplicity and solid cabinet to put and display our trophy and medal. Thanks you my lovely father.

When I was in University, I stopped my running life almost half year. This is because my friends around me no one like to running. The most important thing is I have no accompanist. Felt paiseh run alone, scared my safety (b cos I am a girl). Life without running made me felt uneasy. Keep eating, sleeping day to day. One day, really beh tahan and start to running again. Duno start from when, I love to sweaty after workout, I ENJOY RUNNING. Although running make my toe turn to blue black and few blister at the foot. N sometimes really hard and lazy to woke up 4 or 5am just because of LSD. Running change my life, I found confident and knowing new friends. (Although now I still quite quiet)

Recently, because of the Olympic day fun run 2013, I think I know what is“TRY MY BEST”. I realize what spirit of pia is. TRY MY BEST, for me is sai lang(all out). Start from that day, every race will sai lang, it is because each race will got the result, and it will become history. Of course I enjoy it and I know my limitation. Thanks to my team member again.

Lastly, thanks to Ronnie See. U r a good leader and captain. Won’t miss out to jio me participated running race to show off my strengths. Lol….I enjoying team event, I love team work. (for me is, b4 race, altot v hard training in differ place and differ time but our target is same, trying to make better :) N guided me to improve my running skill AND, BIG THANKS for ur invitation me as a part of Pacemaker big family!!! J Thanks to Aron Soo too, no hesitated sharing, change my running style to reduce the possibility to getting injury in running. (although quite hard to make changes from the beginning.). Besides, stretching is very important to improvement and become muscular.

A BIG THANKS TO MY BRO VOOON LEONG AGAIN. U not only just my bro, u r a good coach, good pacer, good accompaniST. IF NOT OF U I NOT A RUNNER. I WILL NEVER RETIRED IN RUNNING.

Almost forgot intro myself, my name is LOH VOON YING form Pahang. Harlo to all PM and PM’s friends J

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