Monday, February 03, 2014

Welcome to the family der Pacemakers PM79

My favourite motivation quote.
Live life to the fullest, live what you love, do it better & better.

About myself.
I am blessed and thankful to my parents that I was born with healthy limbs and body. Even I was told by many that I do not look active in presence, but in fact I am an adventurous person who seeks for new life experiences and keep enhancing myself.

During school days, I was actively involved in sports. Mainly into table tennis, badminton & netball, etc which I played for inter & intra school competitions. After graduated and progressed into my working life, I start going to gym & swim a lot. I really look forward to everyday evening classes like steps, body pump, body combat, etc. I feel refreshed and energised after the workouts plus I had made a lot new friends there who are health conscious people. We shared a lot of workout tips and good dietaries.

What prompted me start running?
I used to think that running is just a simple workout/hobby, not really need much training for physical ability and skills. I had really underappreciated it and I wish I could have started running earlier in my life.  I really want take this opportunity to thank Jonathan Lai (a passionate & experienced  runner/cyclist/ironman) who had introduced me to my first running network in my life, which is Adination KLCC. At here, I met Ronnie See who is the running group leader as well as the leader for Pacemaker Malaysia and other overwhelming runners who are indeed friendly and encouraging. Thereafter, I start running regularly in KLCC park (which is near to my workplace), Lake Garden, etc.

How did I start?
To recap, it’s still fresh in mind that my first running event was Men’s Health/Shape Night Run in 2010. I participated in the 5km fun run category and finished in 33 minutes. During the run, I managed to run continuously, I felt excited running with a big crowd and was amazed by the organiser’s arrangement in water, medics and other supplies. I told myself that I will participate more forthcoming events and start marking my calendar. Consistently I had advanced myself to longer distance runs range from 10km to 42km and even ultra 50km.

My regular running/workout routine.
I run at least 2 times on weekdays for around 6 to 8km couples with gym classes that aim for conditioning fitness. I will try to run longer distance or LSD during weekends whenever there are no public running events. Occasionally, I do participate in hiking activities which I aspire too.

The biggest hurdle in my running & how do I improve it.
My run training wasn’t really goal oriented in regards to time improvement, stamina building and running forms correction. I really feel that I am still a novice. Through the running group, I managed to get some guidance e.g. Marathon Training Program to improve race performances and cross-trainings.  Thanks to Ronnie who had given me the tips on “Run Less in order to Run Faster” by reducing the strides count for each loop during the training in preparation for Feb’13  Chap Ayam Relay. Nevertheless, I will continue to learn and do better.          

Rewards of running.
I gained a lot of confidence especially the moment after I finished the races or runs where initially I started with a sluggish mind and unsure whether I can complete it within the cut off time. Joining oversea events even bring me a different paradigm of running where I become more flexible in my running tempo to suit the different weathers, landscapes and countries cultures. I am definitely grateful to have my running buddies who can travel together with me. Not forgetting feeling proud to be part of Pacemaker family making my running journey more enriching.

Advice to people who start running.
Eat right & rest sufficiently all the time. Start slow, improve gradually and you will be somewhere from today.

Long term goal in running.
I will keep going longer, faster, farther. Even I'm exhausted sometimes but my mental is still clear and my heart is still pleasant.

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