Friday, December 05, 2014

Welcome to the Family : der Pacemaker PM30

My running story begins at the badminton court in the year 2004 as I was then mainly involved in playing badminton.

My first experience in running was when my uncle invited me to join him in 5km run. Since then, I developed an interest in running and started to practise more regularly and participated in long distance running event from 10km to 21km even up to 42km. It still fresh in mind that my first full marathon was scklm in 2009 and finished in 4:07:56 minutes.

My favourite running time is 30 minutes as it is easy to achieve and also with stretching at home that aim for conditioning fitness. I use to do this 30 minutes run when I am back to my hometown . 

Running has made me a more disciplined person. It also help improve my health both mentally and physically. I make many new friends in my running exercise and I really enjoy their companion. They often provide me with workout tips and good dietary advice.

 Lastly, many thanks to Ronnie as without his introduction, I would not be a member of the Pacemaker family. I very grateful to him and proud to a part of this group making my running journey more enriching.

Brought 2u by
Loh Voon Leong @ PM30

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