Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Welcome to der Family : der Pacemakers #47 (PM47)

First, My Sincere Thanks To Captain Ronnie PM1 And Committee For Inviting Me Into This Hardcore Der PaceMakers Malaysia Family. Why? Someone Achieve 2000KM A Year!

Second, I Apologise For The Delay In Submit “Medical Report”. Maaf Ya.

About Mi

I Am From Kuala Lumpur - Kepong, But Right Now Earning Sinkapo Duit. In Year 2013 or Earlier, I Used To Travel Monthly From SG To MY, To Visit My Parent And Take Part Malaysia Running Event (From 5KM to Full Marathon). Now? No More. Focus On Singapore Running Events.

Why? Why? Tell Mi Why? Yeah, Another Sweet Angel In Da House :p

Thank you to my wife, and my Sweet Angel. I would not have made it this far without such a strong support system.

Everyone Has A Story To Tell. Just Make It Simple And Short :)

• When Did You First Get Into Running And Why Did You Start?
I Can’t Really Remember Why I Started – I Was Never Very Interested In Running Up Until That Point, And Then One Day I Just Decided On A Whim To Sign Up For A 10KM Race. My 1st Running Event Is Singapore Sundown Marathon 2009 – Team Category 10KM. The Most Influential People Is My Audit Partner, Ms Tiang Yii. From 10KM, 21KM to Full Marathon, Is Not An One Month Mission. Once The Running Engine Start, My Running Life Go On And On. How To “Insaf”?

• What Is Your Running Goal?
My Running Goal is “You Don’t Have To Go Fast, You Just Have To Go.” I Am Not The Fastest Or Best Runner And Never Will Be, But That’s Okay. Running Has Changed My Life For The Better In So Many Ways, so Whenever I Don’t Feel Like Running, I Just Remember That One Kilometer Is Always Better Than No Kilometer At All. Run Safe And Enjoy To Max.

• Why I Love Running?
Makes Me Feel Healthy.Cholesterol Level Reduced! Weight Reduced! But Tummy Still There. Oh No!

Helps You Live Longer.
Till 99 Years Old? OMG

Allows Me To Eat.
Apa Lagi?! Carbo Loading. Just Makan!

Keeps Me Happy. Yeah! When You Cross The Finishing Line.

Give Me Mental Fortitude.
Mind Over Marathon!

Allowed Me To See The City In A Whole New Way.
Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Philippine, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar etc.

Because Of The People.
Runners Are Just Great People.

Finisher Medal.
Now All At Store Room.

Lastly, I Wish A Happy New Year To All PaceMaker Malaysia Members And Friends.

No Forget, Thanks Ronnie And Weng Woo To Update My Weekly Running Result And Running Mileage To UPL. KamSiah And chEERz.

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Yap Teck Hooi @ PM47
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