Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Welcome to der Family : der Pacemakers #34 (PM34)

My name is Yusrad MJ, 37 years old as of 2015. Weight at 65kg today from 115kg 2 years ago.

My first real run was in the Route68 50km in May 2015. Never taking part in any 10km, 12km, HM or FM before, I straight jump into Ultra. From there, I never look back and start to fall in love in running even more the days to come.

It took me 6 months to lost 40kg back in October 2013 with proper planning of calories intake and consistent daily exercises. As my weight when down to 75kg, then only I started to walk slowly on the treadmill as I have some long term injuries while playing rugby in younger age. I have spend some year plus in weight & strength workout as well as cardio exercises in order to achieved current ideal body weight for the 1st time in my life from the day I’m born.

I’m still very new in running but my love into it is endless. I will always try to improve myself from day to day with proper planning & training with the always support of my best buddy Mat Ranggie whom never give up to share & coach me to perform better running & the art of it.

Many years to come and I hope my running journey will inspire many overweight people to change their mindset and get involve in running for better healthy lifestyle. We will win many in running and lost absolutely nothing.

It was a new achievement in my life; I’ve tried my best and never gave up. The feeling of completed a run is always the best feeling ever! I managed to achieve that feeling with no regrets at all. Don’t give up too easily. Always try our best to overcome it rather than just quit (PIA Spirit).

I would like to share with everyone that running is not as easy as what many peoples think. We will not only need good body stamina, but will also need a good physical and mental balance as they both play an important role for a runner to be focused during the run. Stay calm and just run!


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