Thursday, January 28, 2016

Welcome to der Family : der Pacemakers #98 (PM98)

Hello everyone, some of you may not know me or even never heard of my name. But if you are interesting to know, let's grab a cup of coffee and spend the next 10 minutes with me.

My name is Hui Siang. I've never been a good sportsman when I was young in school time. Marathon running for me is totally nothing interesting, that's why I always ponteng from the Merentas Desa in my secondary school time, but I can never imagine that someday in the future I would falling in love to this boring sport. I did my 1st ever 10k run in Bukit Jalil's Bareno Run 2011 with a 70kg+ bodyweight of me, not becoz I liked running, but just to entertain friends, and ended-up finished in 1h50m+ like a zombie. The nearly 2 hours suffering journey had caused phobia of running in me, and I told myself I will never do that again! But unfortunately I got serious insomnia problem sometime during end of 2012, and that was where I started my barefoot running which was a suggestion by a traditional physician to me. It worked after some time as regular barefoot running really helped a lot in improving my health conditions.

Due to health concerns, I get myself more active in year 2013. I started to join more races with barefoot and VFF, and completed my 1st Half Marathon in NBHM'13 with sub-2, which I had never imagined possible before I stepped into it. I'm running for health purposes in the past, but I continue to run becoz I love it and it has eventually became my interest. And so I started to train regularly in year 2014 to achieve better performances. I love barefoot running, but I reverted to the traditional running shoes for some speedwork training in mid of 2014. I'm training alone mostly with my own ways without any proper guidelines. I get confused and think of giving up sometimes. Slow progress but at least better than nothing. Thank god that I managed to achieve my 2014 goal to hit sub-1:45 HM, sub-45 10k, sub-21 5k, and completed my 1st Full Marathon in PBIM'14 with 4h7m+ to finally become an official marathoner, yeah!

In year 2015, I started to increase my training intensity with more consistency, discipline and patience, mainly intended to achieve sub-4 in my 2nd Full Marathon in KM'15. Ankle injury for almost 2 months troubled me a lot but thank god it has eventually recovered before the race and finally I did it, sub-4 with cramps but not much suffering along the journey with a consistent and comfortable pace.

Feeling great to be able to refresh my PB in year 2015 with 3h47m+ FM in Kuching Marathon, 1h37m+ HM in 2XU Compression Run (1h33m+ HM(20.4k) in Seremban HM), 42m59s 10k in Larian MPSJ (40m26s 10k(9.6k) in Amnig Run), 19m53s 5k in Great Heart Run and 10m52s 3k(2.9k) in Blue Cap Relay.

If there is no struggle, there is no progress! Looking forward to achieve my next goal in year 2016 for a sub-3:32 FM, sub-1:32 HM, sub-41 10k, sub-19:30 5k and a sub-11 3k. And of course to complete an Ultra Marathon someday in the future, and to reach my eventual goal "Boston Qualification" hopefully before the age of 80, haha!

I appreciate very much on every friendship and training buddy I met in my running journey. Big thanks to Captain Ronnie for always sharing his experiences with me and giving me this opportunity to join the PM running club. It's my pleasure and I'm proud of being part of it. I will try my best to carry on "Der Spirit of PIA"!

Best regards,

Brought 2u by Tan Hui Siang @ PM98

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