Monday, May 30, 2005

Important Update on PAR 2005

The organizing committee for the above run were grapling with the problem of having a planned and paid for breakfast for all the runners and volunteers this Saturday. Not only is it difficult to keep to the budget, there are concerns on taste buds and the number of actual turn ups as well.

After much deliberation amongst the founding members, it's decided that the money allocated for the breakfast be used instead to beef up the goodie bag. This way everyone will get an equal share of items. It is hoped that all participants will find this arrangement agreeable.

The Race Director aka PM1 aka Tulangman will release another notice in a couple of days to brief and remind everyone again.

on behalf of the OC

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P11 said...

Well! perhaps, it is okay to have more drink instead of a breakfast. Usually, can't eat much after a run.