Sunday, May 29, 2005

Larian Bersama Bomba 2005 - Race Report

Mission Complete
Thank god it over liao! I'm so tired now, really really tired. 3 race in a row, Asthma Run, NB 15km Run n Bomba Run. All dis 3 race oso hv to run until lung out wan, really scary lah. From now onward i nid a gut rest liao.

Starting Line
B4 start of der race, my body still feel down. I really got no power to push lah. Once start der flag off, me juz follow pm8. After der bank negara, pm8 slow down oredi so i go on my own pace. Waiting for William to pass by me, but still no sign? After a while, PM10 n PM14 slowly potong sayur on me. Neber mind, i juz follow their bontot as tight as i can lah. So dis time i target PM10.

Gunung Jalan Duta
After 5km, i still behind PM10 n PM14 about 50m only. Den come to der long stretch of der jalan duta hill. Damn dis is really TNS suffer lah, pace is getting slower n slower. I can see many ppl are slowing down too, some even force to walk. I feel like want to go home :P

Finishing Line
Wit 400m to go, surprisingly i saw PM14. Who was slowing down due to running out of gas liao. I quickly say hi to him n potong him kau kau lat until der finishing line. Kekeke.. My time was reasonable lah, manage to erase my previous Bomba Run 2004. Yahoo! Another surprise PR for me.

PM21 oso PR!
After finish my run, drink some 100 plus n Milo. Quickly went out to search for PM21. Calculating for her category runners. Usualy me hv to jog all der way to Tugu Negara trafik light n wait for her, but dis time i was in shock. After padang merbok i can see her liao, n i tell her der position was #38. Den PM21 quickly turbo kau kau lat until finish. Den PM1 n PM21 both happily ever after.

Official Result:
45:45 - Vincent Wong PM10 (11th) Veteran Cat.
46:03 - Ronnie See PM1 (29th)
46:15 - Toh Wai Kuen PM14 (30th)
48:16 - Chen Keat Hoong PM8 (38th)
50:54 - Last Medal (50th)
51:18 - William Chan (53rd)
52:33 - Ryan Teoh Sapu Lantai Again PM17 (63rd)
82:18 - Rachel Lee PM21 (37th) Woman Cat.

Past Record for PM1 in Bomba Run
2004 - 48:08 (33rd placing)
2005 - 46:03 (29th placing)

Past Record for PM21 in Bomba Run
2004 - 1hr 32m 52s (38th placing)
2005 - 1hr 22m 18s (37th placing)

Wei.. Do you want to become girls too? :P

brought 2u by pm1

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