Sunday, June 19, 2005

adidas / FTAAA / PACM 3 x 4km Road Relay 2005

I really don't know how to write dis report, anything wrong pls forgive me ya!

Before der Race!
I couldn't sleep on saturday nite, alto very early on bed! Roll here n there, but still kenot sleep! Calculate der sheep 1 by 1, still kenot sleep.TNS!!! der whole nite couldn't sleep at all. So wake up n watch TV until 6:00am, den off to Bukit Jalil.

On der Race Day!
Frankly speaking, we're aming for top 8th finishes. Never tot of going beyond der limits, if yes it could be our bonus day. As a team captain of Pacesetters G, it was my responsibily to arrange der line up. And of course, fast runner should run
longer (extra 200m), n slow runner should run shorter. So it was Fong Tong Kim, who offer him self to run der 1st runner n Tan Song Hua der last runner. Me n Justin der average runner, run in 2nd n 3rd respectively. And i was very honour to
hv dis two powerful teammates. Fong n Tan are from Batu Pahat. Justin was in a bad shape, sore throat, fever n cold. But he still show der spirit of PIA! Thank You Justin Lee!

Kan Cheong! Nervous! Pressure! n Pia kau-kau lat!
To cut der stoty short, When Fong enter to der Stadium, he was in position #2. I was so damn shocking TNS pressure, summore at his back got whole bunch of indian following very closely. Once i got der baton, i speed like no body business. Even if my shiet going to come out, oso never mind lah. After out from der stadium, i was potong sayur by 2 indian fellas. Damn! I can't afford to lose gap, so follow them very tight. Position drop to #4, manage to maintain all der way until i pass baton to Justin. Justin look very excited, den in a split seconds. *poof* gone oredi. My time was 10:57, erasing my previous time of 11:36. I couldnt believe my eyes!

God bless Justin!
I was so worry about Justin, due to his sickness. Me n Pm21 pray he'll come back safely. Once Justin enter der stadium, me, pm21, pm2 n pm29 shout out loud to cheer for Justin. Suddenly Andreas der German runner, come from behind very strongly. Clocking der same time as ours team. Both time tie @ 33:04!!! Position still mantain @ #4.

Thriller Battle!
Everyone look so excited, as both of PACM team tie at der same timing. So it time for our experience runner Tan Song Hua to potong sayur kau-kau lat. As time move faster n faster, everyone heart oso bum faster n faster. JIALAT!!


Official Result (Men Open):
01st - 37:10 - Team adidas
02nd - 41:40 - K.W.S.P.
03rd - 43:16 - Pacesetters "G"
04th - 43:33 - Sri Muda Runners (University)
05th - 43:35 - University Malaysia Road Runners (University)
06th - 44:11 - Pacesetters "E"
07th - 47:02 - USM Team A (University)
08th - 48:46 - International Medical University Men (University)
09th - 49:47 - Racing Team
10th - 50:09 - Sprinters
18th - 53:57 - der_pacemakers elite #1

Unofficial Split time for Pacesetters E:
11:16 > 11:16 - Khoo Yit Kiat
11:03 > 22:09 - Jeyan Sentirajah
10:55 > 33:04 - Andreas Mindt
11:07 > 44:11 - Shafirudin Kadir

Unofficial Split time for Pacesetters G:
10:41 > 10:41 - Fong @ Thong Tong Kim
10:57 > 21:38 - Ronnie See
11:25 > 33:04 - Justin Lee (sick kau-kau lat)
10:12 > 43:16 - Tan Song Hua

Unofficial Split time for der_pacemakers elite #1:
13:22 > 13:22 - William Chan
13:04 > 26:26 - Chan Wai Kien
13:49 > 38:29 - Jason Lim Fang Hau
13:42 > 53:57 - Joviet Sim Boon Haw

Congratulation to our PM22 Tey Eng Tiong, his team finish 5th placing in Men Jr Veteran category. Well done my Gege Tey! PM22 clock 13:15, wat an excellent time!

As for Team der_pacemakers! Oso not bad, finish 18th placing out of 51 teams! Thanks to der Chan's Brother! We only hv 2 representative, they are Jason Lim PM23 n Joviet Sim PM25 all der way from Johor Bahru. Der Captain really really Kam Tung (touching).

Stay tune for more result coming out soon from PACM website!

Pm1 writting der report wit der medal hanging on his neck :P

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Chance of a life time to get into podium...
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pacesetters family photos

brought 2u by tear, sweat, pain n pressure (pm1)


Tey said...

Hi,all abang adik kakak :

I am so lau kui,cause not run my best and pia to limit...will try to write report explain...but felt so lucky to hv medal,go pm10 site,u will know !

Hope pm1 will interview his members from Batu Pahat,sure we can learn a lot from them !

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all the der_pacemakers teams for doing very well in the " adidas / FTAAA/PACM 3 X 4KM Road Relay 2005 " especially PM1, PM11 & PM22........From : Penguin 2