Monday, June 20, 2005

My Kan Koh ever relay race! - Story of Pia n Masam Sweat by Ge Ge Tey

I am so lucky to have a medal of this adidas pacesetters 4 x3km road relay event,mix feeling on this 3.2km road as first runner,even it is so short distance for me,but during the race felt like end of the world,it is team work and team spirit,u can't disappoint other members,but if can't all out,how is the feeling ? Tension ....pressure.......!!!

So kc,but no cham like Captim hv to wake up see tv until 6am....hehehe,cause me only awake at 2am and 4am,pack all the thing b4 sleep,paper,foto,camera,filem,battery,kau tim early early.

I finally wake up at 5am,ate little of banana favour POWER Bar and bee pollen,went to buy 4 ekor,double check bag,then depart from 17 house sharp at 5.55am ,reached bkt jalil about 6.25am,met with Jason and Sim plus others kaki! First thing,pass Nuang map to Jason as he intend to go Nuang next month 24 !

Went to meet all my members,Batu Pahat kaki take LRT,warm up little,peluh pun tarak keluar oh ! My face look very calm ,but I am very kc,cause my relay captain said to me:"You must stay infront of the starting point,sprint from the start,don't block by ohters,waste time,and our target is atleast try to get top 5,ok ? " My mouth intend to open BIG BIG ask,can I use my strategy kah ,but..........fear to bring them worry.....just answer yes ,yes ,yes....! Who know my kc lah....! Who know my fear inside my heart....!!!

Then ,pm19 from stair said hi to me,how ? hahaha...I went up ,and describe my kc .....!! Ada sikit kesal liao ,join this event....all runners pia is not my favourite pace...!! Cham ,Cham ...I only can said diam-diam....didn't let members know,even John snap my foto ,ask for pos,me also kc lah pos lah...smiling CHAM CHAM face !!

Yup,y me so kc,cause this is my first time represent PACM,first time in relay race,youngest in the team but slowest in the team,if u r me,will you kc like me ah ?

And u have to understand PACM team A,KLAVA team A and B,plus adidas team in men junior veteran so strong,where got chance to get top 5 lah !!! I said to myself,if get top 10,ok liao !

Ok..after order to starting point,I didn't stand in front,just centre part,my plan is start don't too fast,worry puncit,so,I just use my bigger pace feeling to run,don't speed like friendly race with MASTER !

After one round of 400metres,we went up to tar road in NSC,and went out from NSC(nasional sport council),turn left,feeling still good,but the KAN KOH and mix feeling is all in my mind,should I pia like end of the world,can I maintain to the finishing,I keep my pace,but b4 went to turn left the main road,two team overtake me,wah lau eh ,jia lat liao...I felt so guilty and sad,plan to keep pace and follow their buntut,but you know ,if u want to join next year,can't follow lah,cause they all pia like siu kia lah ! And me not pia style in short event !!!!

I felt want to pia,but on the other hand worry,it may affect my right ankle,cause friendly race with master,felt little pain,but run still ok,so I just maintain ,don't let more team to overtake me,I guess I am in 7 or 8...still got hope if I keep it on......!!

After back to NSC ,half way saw PM1,no time to say hello,I just lift up my hand ,tried to pia at last 600metres,little fast not all out,but not felt like friendly match with master pace ,when reach last 100 metres,I am so happy,123.......all out liao...hahaha...when pass the baton ,I don't care went to take my bag,and snap foto time for my team members and also others ,like pm1 team ,runners who I know...!

But at PACM counter when I ask for my bag,I can't even speak...just use finger point out which is my bag... SHTAN,JENNY LEONG and uncle TAN,try to ask me ,Tey:Want water or not ? ok bo ? u face WHITE WHITE liao !

Wah...I just use hand language,can't even talk,if u see me like that,will you run in relay ? Have to think twice oh........!
My KAN KOH only can calm down after half an hour,I think ,no more next time liao,kia kah boh si ! Only no pangsai like pm1 lah .Don't want to try anymore,got one medal is enough and happy for me,somemore I think I am a replacement,cause so many good runners didn't join pacesetters....!!

After recover from race,my mind is more clear,I think I shouldn't friendly race with master,cause even pm1 and pm19 also skip thursday speed work on track,gua SIOW SIOW run fast with master,don't know "DIE" how to write lah....hahaha !

Even all of my older age than me team members,final week skip the speed work...hahaha,it is good lesson for me ! I will remember it forever !

My other can't all out reason is in short race,don't have the distance mark,not like training,I think I need to learn about my pace very consistent!

I think I still can improve my timing,but I don't want take risk,cause still have 6 sunday race to go,sorry for my team members,can't get better timing,just lucky to have them ,potong sayur one by one,and old sky ah ye(lau tian ye) treat me so good,two junior veteran team(they follow other two men open team) ran wrong way to ASTRO,so,even saw PM10(Vincent Wong),why he is trail by so many runners,that time gua still don't know ,my team may be have chance to get medal........hahaha ! Kan Koh pun ada medal ,run not good also ada medal !! Thanks to team members,it is all of your effort !! I will remember it forever !! Kam Siah !

Last,thanks PACM gave me this chance,and also John Tan take few of my photos....!!

brought to you by Jantzen Tey

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