Sunday, June 12, 2005

der_pacemaker #28

Hi! I’m Yit Kiat or Khoo as to what most of my friends in KL call me. When Ronnie a.k.a. PM1 asked me to write a report about myself, I do not know where to begin. Will try my best.

I’ve been competing in running races since 1989, but only took running seriously in 1992. Long distance running came by chance. I took up middle distance running just because I thought I would have more time to catch up with other runners. The 1500M was the first running race I ever took part in 89 and I came in second, but my running didn’t take off from there.

Tennis was the sport I love then. Running was part of my tennis training, so I’ve been keeping myself fit all year round. One day in 1992, I just had enough with tennis as I just wasn’t winning and mind you, it’s not a cheap sport if you don’t have sponsors! So I started training more specifically for running. I didn’t have any coaches, met some friends and just copied their training. I came in second in an inter-school meet in a 3000M steeplechase event, where I was leading the race till I fell in the last lap water jump. Man! That was a big disappointment! To make matter worse, it was mention in our local newspaper! Anyway, coming in second I’ve helped my school to win the A division. My running “boom” came when I met this Indian runner, Kaliani in 1993. He was our state top long distance runner and me and a close friend started training with him. That’s when our PBs started coming down. I did win several races but keep losing to….the friend who I was training with. He was my rival then from another school. So, I do not have to collect Pewter medals but I do have a lot of silver medals under my collection. : )

Most of my rivals from schooldays have retired from running since, but I’ve kept running, probably being feeling dissatisfied of finishing second far too many times!!! Haha! Even ran in races in New Zealand when I was studying there. What a beautiful country to run in.

I did stop temporarily for about 2 years when I came over to KL in 1999, until one day I just couldn’t stand KL work life. All I do is work, eat and sleep. So I had enough of it, so one fine morning in 2002 I went to Bukit Aman carpark to join in the Pacesetters group in their long run. (Actually, I knew about the group long before that, and even join in one of their breakfast run in Bukit Jalil in 1999 but that was the first and the last run I had with them till that morning.) Boy, do I feel regret that I joined in the run that morning. I was a bit late arriving to the scene, most of the runners just took off, so I gave a quick chase. Caught up with one the group, I asked one of the guys, “How far will you all be running today?”. The guy answered back, “21km”. In my head, I was going to say “Wah lau! Crazy meh!” But being a bit egoistic, I hide that feeling and said, “Will try to followlah!” Guess who was the person who answered me? It was Kelvin Ng!! I didn’t finish the run that morning. Had to U-turn back after about 6-8km. But I was glad to run that morning and from there I was brought into the world of Permaisuri Pacesetters Group. Managed to gain some of my fitness back and started competing in races again. Instead of plastic medals I got from my schooldays, now, I started collecting nice looking medals, pewters and of course the nice looking trophy I got from the PAR2005.

So here I am, still running competitively (but not training as much as I would like to!). Came to know Ronnie when he secretly introduced himself as the Pacemaker in our Permaisuri “forum”. I’m really glad to know him and being introduce (and made a member now!) to his Pacemaker group. Thanks Ronnie! I’m very honored.

That’s about it from me, gotta RUN!

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